Ambitious players required in sapphire team SKY GODZ


Hey guys,

We are a very organised experienced team that is looking for 3 active adult players over level 150. We offer a good laugh and a stable no nonesence team that will help any player develop and become a fellow god. Wars are fought often and you need to participate to get 5 flames and as many defence points as possible. Apply to the team, or if you have any questions please ask away!

Hope to see you soon,



Hi smurf I have two accounts dreamer147 and rocque need to take both if you can. Dreamer is lvl 80 roc is lvl 188 If you take both it won’t take me long to get dreamer to a higher lvl I play hard you won’t be disappointed. I’ve also played in ashore with dreamer at lvl 60 and still ranked top 25 in events roc usually top 5-10 last two events I was 1 and two.
Rocque And Dreamer147
Roc out


Hi dreamer,

You would be very welcome to join. We only have one alt in our team atm, and it’s a level 188. I always take real players over alts as it makes a better team chat the more players there are. We allow alts in if we lose players or they go on hols etc, so if you did still want to come πšˆπš˜πšžπš› alt would be used in rotation with a few others. We also have an alt/second team where πšˆπš˜πšžπš› alt can live until needed. If you still want in, please apply, or if you have any other questions please either mail me here or any of the officers.

Hope to see you in the team,





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