Amendments to the game that I think are needed

Prompted by my absolute BOREDOM of this event i’ve been playing with my base and my dragons … i’ve played this game for 2.5 years now, so when can we expect to get:

  1. The ability to trade in towers.
    Many towers are useless at higher levels and i’m sure i’m not the only one who spent way to much time building up lightening, ballistas etc that are now sitting in storage and a base weaker than those who made smarter decisions along the way. So how about letting us trade them in, or combine two towers to make a stronger one (ie, move the strength of one tower to another)?

  2. Ability to remove runes from dragons without dusting them.
    I fooked up when I put runes on my dragon and PG was kind enough to remove them. However, now I have a dragon who has runes on it that I want to change to place those runes on it, but I cant remove them without dusting them. However, they are legendary and mythic so i’m loathe to do that. Being able to remove them (even at a cost) affords us the opportunity to use wisdom and rage runes to get the dragons to a higher level then drop the appropriate runes on them.

  3. Better recruiting functionality … the ability to setup a template for recruitment email that can be used to send out randomly (using the recruit function). The ability to set better parameters around recruitment (ie, only send to people with over XXX activity for the week etc. The ability to see peoples war scores before bringing them into a team AND an apply button on emails so they can apply even if the team is full without having to find the way to apply.

  4. This one is a want, not a need. It would be good to be able to buy stones for older seasonal divines outside of the season … each season the dragons get stronger and higher max level, so maybe it would be nice to let the lower leveled players finish their seasonal dragons to expert if they want to pay the money … maybe it’s a reward that can be offered during seasons (a sigil of your choice from seasons past or something).

  1. Previously discussed on the forums. Not happening.

  2. Previously discussed on the forums. Not happening. Blame PG for their crappy economy mechanics.

  3. Haven’t seen a thread for mail templates, war score has been previously discussed.

  4. Previously discussed on the forums. Not happening.


Most of these have been addressed in previous threads, the last one was a hard no

Sooo… how long have you been on the forums and what on earth has prevented you from seeing the endless threads about this that have resulted in a resounding, incredible, unanimous no ?? :t_rex:

If you are bored with the game I’d like to suggest reading up on the forums for a while before posting up what you think might be new topics.

There is a TON of valuable information out there and all of what you have brought up has been previously covered in more than one thread. Try some good key search words, if you need help we can suggest some things to search for

Thanks all you who deem to speak for PG … I really appreciate your input … however, as a consumer I disagree with a “hard no” attitude from an organisation that exists as a result of us spending our money and I think the the voices of dissent will be eventually heard.


You could submit a support ticket with your concerns if you want. Point #1,2 & 4 have been discussed to death and it kind of gets frustrating seeing the same idea being asked about month after month. Maybe if PG used a Uservoice system it would be less annoying to discuss.


Yeah… points 1 and 2 would be nice, but seem unlikely.

Point 3… eh… honestly not the most important issue.

Speaking as a player, not the mouthpiece of PG, #4 is just not necessary. I’m sick of hearing about it. Start a poll. You’ll find way more people who don’t want it than those who do. Can we just let this go already?

There are many more issues that are far more critical than these. If you read the forum for a bit you will get a taste of what other players are truly concerned about.

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Hello and welcome to the forums! As a reminder, you can search the forums using the search symbol on the upper right hand corner.

So nicely put :hearts:

@AncientIllyria: define Limited Edition, and you will realise yourself why the “hard no”.

  1. As much as I would like this, it won’t happen. I’ve played the game for 2 years and seen most iterations of OP towers and built them. Oh well.

  2. Switching runes would be nice. But then you’d only need one set you could move around. And since PG has been giving us much better runes and glyphs, I’m not worried. I have 4 legendary rage glyphs, 2 mythic rage glyphs and plenty of others not being used. Plus we get an ammo glyph this event. As long as they continue giving us good ones this isn’t a problem.

  3. This would be nice for teams under Sapphire. But most decent teams can recruit without hitting the recruit button.

  4. Will never happen. Most old dragons suck or are outdated anyway. They are relics and should stay there. Very few seasonal dragons have lasting power. Necryx is great below harbinger. But the rest are thrown in the dungeon and never used again.

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They aren’t pg mouthpieces. There have been countless polls and discussions on point four that have overwhelmingly said no to evolution stones coming back. These were players, not PG who voted and discussed. It literally spits in the face of those who worked hard and, in some cases, spent money knowing these things were limited.

Imagine you spent money on a “never coming back” item. Then a few months later they brought it back. A bit of a slap there. Sure future ones they can advertise as reoccurring seasonals. But they cannot bring back old ones.

Just because you didn’t get what you wanted you can’t try and force change on other people’s dragons and change its nature from limited to readily available unless you want to refund everyone’s sigils, money and time and give them another option to make a fully informed choice with the new info.

That’s why this is thrown out every single time

Unless it’s a game breaking balance thing it’s difficult to balance making changes to these dragons

Probably move all unobtainable divines to its own tab, so that people will stop asking about point 4…
and hide them
But if they see it, won’t they keep asking???

To say why people are actually speaking for PG on the last one…well it’s because Pg already gave a clear and definitive answer. Here is my “canned reply” to anyone and everyone who brings up rehashing old evolution stones:

Welcome to the froums! We have all made mistakes in the game or made decisions we later regret. However, as posted in November, limited-time items/dragons are meant to be limited time.

Next time, please make use of the “search” feature on the top right hand corner of the page to see if your question/suggestion has already been answered or addressed!

Personally, I will fight tooth and nail to ensure they never, ever bring back old evolution stones or more evolution stones for old dragons.


I don’t think we will ever stop people asking for them back. Even if they are hidden unfortunately. I mean hell I would have killed to get morphos. He visually looked awesome! But it just wouldn’t be fair to everyone else. And that’s fine.


Off topic question…

Is this typo intentional? You did mention mistake afterwards :joy:

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Hahahaha no one has pointed it out before :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I quite like it there don’t you?


I quite like point 3.
I’m guessing teams in leagues over platinum won’t need it and anyone under gold can probably use the existing recruit button but for the ones in between we have to send a lot of messages so this would be great!

Definite please no to point 4.

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For Point 1
As for combine 2 towers
If moving of towers from one to another happens, people who use flaks and move the strength to a archer and put it in the island where a dark flak exist. Imagine the damage. It like having 2 dark flaks. No please no unless it’s not applicable to dark flak but unlikely to happen.

For Point 2
Well now that is something most would want.

For Point 3
That is something the leader who really wants to recruit would interact and communicate to the applicant. It takes extra steps so effort is needed to recruit shows a sense of trust and desire to really want the person. If you want something you have to work for it. :smile:

For Point 4
I myself join the game late. Hence the only divine I started is necryx. I want previous season dragons too HOWEVER that being said it is seasonal dragons. If they do bring back people who have it before who spend for it will be at a disadvantage. Why should they spend much more only for the season dragons to be release to public again

So I hope this tells you the issue that would be faced especially Point 4 (its a big nono) :smile: no hard feelings just had to point the last point with extra emphasis

Someone mentioned starting a poll…

  • Bring back old devines
  • No it’s been suggested again and again and the anwer will always be no

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Do we really need to go through this again?
Can we simply let it die?

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