Ammo mythics rune and glyph?

Does anyone know if these are from runic chests ?image image

I’m not sure but I think the one with rage is from silver and the one with xp is from runic chests

Silver chests dont have glyphs in them (other than the one epic wisdom glyph). There’s an ammo rune with secondary rage in them during KW but that’s not the same as what OP posted

Year old Orca data says at that time the one in KW silvers was not the same as the one in runic chests. Neither was a glyph. The KW one today has rage secondary, so I’m guessing if anything the XP secondary is from runic chests and the glyph from an event achievement.

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Click the “i” at the top of any of the chests during any event and it shows the loot table.