Amoeba down... (seems just a temporary...)

So, after some time, finally

As expected from an inactive site. However this site has helped me a lot…
Thank you Amoeba… Thanks for providing useful info…
You will be etched in WD’s history…


seems that it was temporary down.
Sorry for causing such commotion :pray:

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:sob: It served me well for a while.

Also, just in case people haven’t heard, Sandberg’s Dragon Manager site is up-to-date :smiley: (and very soon after updates/patches are available): :tada:


RIP Amoeba :cry: :t_rex:

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no one donating that site anymore, long ago amoeba was one of dread?

Amoeba’s site is still up… just not so much updated

So is it just a temporary down?
(rechecked using

I think you need the /dragon at the end. I’ve just tested it, still works.

Just use dragon-manager

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that too

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