Amoeba Studios - still live?

Is Amoeba Studios still up and running?

I ask the question as the Dragon stats page is missing quite a few of the more recent dragons.

Is it just that these dragons have not had the stats released?
Missing dragons:

  • Anuba
  • Leos
  • Ochre
  • Kirin
  • Gargula
  • Avyx
  • Gladicus
  • Equestor
  • Spindra
  • I’m aware that others are missing from this list - I’m not after a prize for completion.

Hopefully the comunity can answer some questions.

They’re dead, Jim

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Nope, it’s no longer updated. is a good new source for the same kind of info.


This makes me sad :frowning:

Thanks for the update and thanks for the suggestion @TheTXI

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Definitley the best replacement!


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