An appeal for consideration

To PG:

I know you guys must be busy handling the aftermath of the recent KW event. ¹But please hear me out.

I appreciate the ‘apology gifts’ that were sent to everyone due to the recent KW event ended early. And it seems to some players they were a ‘generous gift’

But i feel it is a little unfair to say it was ‘more than what you could get’.
Ie. as some had grind points more than others and some had used more megas than others.

And for most players, they already claimed what they had earned during the event. Unfortunately i was one of the unlucky ones, that foolish enough didn’t claim all the prizes as i grind the points. The glitch involved with collecting prizes makes it difficult to claim them immediately. To make it worse the time difference between Pacific time and my time didn’t help.

That few days were on weekdays. Meaning i had to play during my working time. Stealing time, hiding to do the event. I was determined to help my team not to lose any hex even though there were glitches; i kept getting refunded attacks/attacks didnt count.

By the end of the day, it was tiring. Knowing by claiming all the prizes at once, it would make the system hangs or it would log me off and restarted the game by itself. These takes time. It would be much of a trouble.
I was planning to claim the rest of the earned prizes and team achievements the next day-A fresh brand new start.

Unfortunately, the event ended when i log in the next day.

I Understand that apology gifts had been given. I appreciate it.
But if i were to claimed my earned prizes, i would still received the same.
For others, it was an addition to what they had earned. But for me, it was a replacement; A loss that was penalized which i had no controlled over.

It is really disappointing and heartache since then. As someone who had enjoyed playing this game with dedication throughout these 4 over years.

We had been through many glitches and frustrations thoughout these years. But i had to say, this has to be the worst turnout at the end.

I appeal to you to actually give some thoughts for the players like me- who had earned their prizes and completed the tier points but were unable to claim the prizes for various reasons.

Especially, WD is a worldwide game which means there are players around the world that have vast time difference to Pacific time.

I am not asking for another apology gifts or any compensation.
What im asking is for my efforts , time spent and resources that were used throughout that short period of event, not to be wasted, considered and ignored. That prizes were what we had earned n we should be able to claimed it.

Thank you for your time to read this long appeal. And appreciate if it will be considered and not ignored or bashed over.

Have a good day ahead.


If you had prizes that didn’t yet get claimed before the event ended, submit ONE ticket.
I’d be patient and if you don’t get a response in 1-2 days say that your issue has not been resolved


I did and they replied after few days and refused to give to me. Saying apology gifts r suffice


Suffice? I still haven’t gotten one… :roll_eyes: :raised_hand:
Bottom Line: Everyone should claim prizes ASAP.


Unfortunately, that isn’t always possible at event start. This breeding event for instance, i couldn’t claim any prizes as kept getting sync error. Had to wait till the morning (about 12 hours after event started).


Well people have various reasons not to. Like everyone is entitled for their own opinion.
Furthermore, we wouldn’t think PG could make such a drastic measures without ample notice even though there are many glitches.
Yes- now we all know and learn from that. An expensive ‘mistakes’ to trust that the next day event will still be up.


Unfortunately they’re not doing that. I submitted a ticket, got the same automated response 3 times in it and then was told they’re not compensating for unclaimed prizes and closed the ticket. :woman_shrugging:t3: :


Yeap the same to me.
Hence this post. I aint sure how to contact them directly.


Same thing happened to me too and I didn’t open multiple tickets or spam them with responses. I also was very polite and patient and they still refuse to help, even though I’ve seen other players screenshots that they were compensated with the prizes they earned.
Support should not be a gamble.


Same. That automatic response even interrupted a conversation with a support person after I purposely didn’t state the whole issue in an attempt to circumvent the filter. It wasn’t a bout the apology gift but my unclaimed prizea. And any mention of KW garnered the auto response.


Hi all,

I just wanted to clear things up here. It’s true and unfortunate that our crediting hasn’t been consistent this past weekend. For the full details, I recommend checking this KB article out.

To recap, because Kingdom Wars was borked, we sent out two apology gifts (the Chest Gift on Thu, and the Sigil Gift on Fri). The Sigil Gift failed to send to everyone which caused an overwhelming surge of tickets that became too cumbersome for our weekend support team to manage without active guidance. Our support team was instructed to halt any crediting until the Sigil Gift was sent out to those that didn’t receive it. This past Mon, we sent out a third round of Sigil Gifts (to those that didn’t get it on Fri). For now, our agents are not crediting players anything other than the Sigil Gift (which unfortunately some players are reporting that they didn’t receive). Any additional crediting needed will be further reviewed.

I want to reiterate that this halt of crediting is temporary. Our team still wants to do right by players. We believe that our Sigil Gift and our boosted Assault prizes this week addresses the problematic event and the missed opportunities to earn prizes for Kingdom Wars.

Once we’ve finished distributing the Sigil Gift, we are identifying the best way to comp players that actually completed 8/8 of the Team Achievements (looking into automated and manual gifting options). Note that we are crediting players 1.2 sigils for that 8/8 mark (since our Sigil Gift and boosted prizes for this week’s Assault event are meant to make up for other missed KW opportunities).

We’re sorry again for the rough Kingdom Wars event. We intend to make things right for the players that powered through during the broken event and earned their Team Achievements.

We just ask for your patience at this time.



Thank you very much for giving this your attention. I appreciate it.
Knowing you guys are trying to make it right for everyone is a sigh of relief.

My team hadn’t reach the marked yet at the point of time though we never missed any 8/8 team achievements and 5/5 quests before. I have been with them for over a year. Sadly, this has to be a loss for us.

But there is one burning question i need to ask. The core intention for this post;

Will we still be able get the personal prizes that we had earned but have not yet claimed it before the event ended early please?

Yes, we supposed to claim it immediately but some of us didn’t do that as we never thought it will ended up like this.

I trust PG will do the right thing- crediting what we had earned. To be fair to every player.
(Most had claimed it before event ended/some got credited after submitted a tix)

That was afterall what we had earned.
(I have a screenshot of it as evidence).

Right now, I will not send support team with another ticket for this as i would not want to swamped them furthermore.
But i do hope when the coast is clear (maybe after breeding event) they will credit me what i haven’t been able to claimed before.
N not been told otherwise.

Thank you again for your devote attention and clarifications.

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Unfortunately, personal/progression/points achievements prizes that were earned and not claimed before Kingdom Wars was pulled will not be credited. To make up for this, we were selective with the items and amounts included in our apology gift, and we also boosted this week’s Assault event prizes as well to make up for the lost opportunity to earn and claim those particular prizes.

For the players/teams that earned 8/8 in the short amount of time that Kingdom Wars was live, your 1.2k sigils should be sent shortly. Thanks for your patience!

May i know why is that? This is totally separate issue.
The truth is, had i claimed my personal prizes n progress i will still get this apology gifts and such right?
Yes, we are folish enough not to claim it immediately.
But it isnt right for PG to penalized us as such. Its like we have been robbed.
Over this 4 years plus i been playing this game. PG never end the event early. We never thought this could happened.

Please think about it. Its not an additional prizes it was what we earned.

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If you can track unclaimed prizes, why are you not sending players the prizes they weren’t able to claim outside of the team rewards?


too much work with no direct profit from it.

and DP already said they can only handle so much work at a time.

things might change when all apology gifts are distributed even for those who still hasn’t received it.

No he said “will not be credited”.

I meant as in there may be a chance of them reconsidering.

They did say there will never be resurrections of the old divines. Now we do. -equestor and leos.

They removed feeding because that specific event dragged progression by keeping the dragon from leveling. -we have temple raids that forces you to use older tier dragons that you would otherwise never have touched again and assault that gives more points to the lower ap as in with the same runes, glyph, rider, and gear setups, player A, using dragon X at level 1, will be awarded more points than player B, using maxed dragon X.

And I too recall that it was once said there won’t be new towers. We now have a tower that uses a brand new resource. -well, one brand new resource and one comparatively new resource. Not exactly calling this a negative one as we all know what a private company should aim for, profit.

What they say do change over time when they have some free time to give a bit of thoughts regarding any matter was what I merely meant.

So there’s no need to keep your hopes down. -while this may not directly mean to keep your hopes up.

This is totally different.
As u said they are aiming for profit.

This is not about event or towers or whatsoever.
N honestly they wont be getting any profit for it. That’s probably why they wont do it.

This is about individual player that done the glitchy event that grind personal points but unable to claim their earned reward because it ended abruptly.

Im sorry, not trying to be disrespectful or trying to be smart…
But if they want to do the right thing, they have no choice to give us what is rightfully ours.
Because we have worked for it. Just that we didn’t claim it immediately.

If they were to give ample time for us to claim it and give us warning that there would close the event. N we didn’t claim it by then. Its our fault.
But they didn’t give any fair warning. Thats the problem.

No amount of apology gifts u give to everyone is being fair. Because the rest has claimed it. Its an addition to it.

But for us it is not addition.

FYI, that what i had lost.

Yes. I claimed all of my prizes immediately once I unlocked them (which was at the very start of the event), and I still got it. I got both gifts actually, but that’s just because one of them (the Chest Gift) was for lost resources, and I had used some.

PG has ended events early before, just not that much because there can be technical difficulties in doing so (if a new event were to replace it, as that would not be the initial plan and things wouldn’t be “prepared”, if this makes any sense).