An appeal to the team, one of which cannot be named

Your rank is 60-70, mine is 286. You’re in diamond, I’m in platinum.
For more than a month now, you’ve been hammering my castle with whole 5TA every day. What is your problem? Do you need this T3 castle? Realy?
You don’t reply to private messages in the game. Are you offended that I consider one of your players a cheater? Then I believe that the leader should have written to me in the game and clarified the player and asked for a video. But it didn’t happen.

If they don’t reply in game, like hell they will reply here :rofl:


Let’s see.

Pretty sure it means they dont care what you have to say and will continue hitting you because you make yourself an easy target

If they did then they’d have taken it. They’re hitting you because you’re giving them glory. You’re probably loading your primes to block them and reloading your guards. If so then you’re literally just feeding them free and easy glory and there’s no reason for them to stop. Certainly not because you complain to them and call them cheaters. That’s just going to keep them coming back. The more upset you get about it the more gratifying it is for them.
Rule #1 guards dont matter, troops do. Dont sacrifice all your troops trying to protect your guards.


This I perfectly understand. But, 50% for the guard. They beat her every day.
I just want to understand what guides such people.

Probably that you’re getting so upset about it, messaging them to complain and even posting on the forums. Seems like they’re trying to get a rise out of you and you’re giving them exactly what they want.

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Yes, because it’s not normal. I want a fair fight.

It’s actually very normal for atlas. A “fair fight” doesnt exist in atlas as long as the game lets people hit down and allows for mega alliances.

People dont usually do stuff for no reason at all if it’s not to their advantage. Reasons people would keep hitting are

  1. glory: Your guards may be only worth 50% but you have 8 members who are worth 100%. If you guys are leaving loaded primes and refilling guards then you’re basically ringing the dinner bell.
  2. take the castle: If they’re just hitting you constantly and havent bothered to try to conqure then this probably isnt it. Why would they bother taking it if you’re providing them with food/entertainment?
  3. You’re in the way: They want to hit someone that your castle is in the way of so they’re gonna bubble you
  4. You pissed someone off: Either someone on your team said something to upset someone or perhaps at some point someone from their team was waiting out delay on your castle and you guys hit them so now they’re taking their revenge
  5. You’re providing free entertainment to them by complaining and throwing a fit.

Choose one, those are your general reasons a larger team would bother farming you. Atlas is not fair and it never will be. The other team is not your friend, they’re your enemy so they’re not going to be interested in playing fair, they’re gonna be interested in bleeding your troops and guards and getting a reaction out of you.


One of your T3s has a bronze taunter with 60k troops on it. I would hit that just for your education.

Especially near the end of the season with many having collected all the prizes (the repeatable chests are terrible value), glory is not so important.


I don’t attack bronze primach except revenge

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I’m very sorry to hear you disbanded your team . Wishing you the best in RL .


Seems like a strange decision, at any point you could walk away from the castle like many others do. Instead the tactic seemed to be to throw huge numbers of troops to their death in a fight you were unlikely to ever win. Sad to see a team disband because the leadership threw all their resources into fight they were unlikely to win.


There are a lot of good teams in the game that we fought against. There were many glorious fights.
We have never surrendered castles to the enemy and have always fought to the last.
But when they told me that they would bleed me out and call the DOM if I didn’t hand over the castle, the desire to play this game disappeared completely.

We had the resources to fight. There is no desire anymore.

Once again, thank you all for playing and good luck outside of it! :vulcan_salute: :sunglasses: :beers:


Calling for DOM……Was this before or after “You don’t reply to private messages in the game” as quoted in your first post?

As a psa. Please do not use the team I’m on, or the ta I play in as a threat. It’s classless. If we don’t like you, you’ll know. It’s a game, and there’s no need for threats. :slight_smile:


I believe he was attempting to reach out to the other team. The other team never replied to him.



I would personally love to know who “threatened you with the Dom” as to my knowledge none of our leadership has ever spoken to you. If it was a player i would really appreciate if you would pm me and show me privately who it was and what did they say so i can teach them to manners🤗
Take care, have fun with the bears! :bear: