An easier way of viewing team mate bases

At this time for me to look at my team mates bases:

  • Tap Team Meeting Hall
  • Tap the person who’s base I want to see
  • Tap the “i” again to bring up team info
  • Find the person again so I can finally see their base
  • Go through all of the above again possibly several times if they are asking for design advice
    There is no icon in email to make it any easier

Can this be looked into at some point please. The current interface is not user friendly


I searched and this didnt come up. Thank you
I do not have an attack button in my sent email though

It should be on the bottom right of the message (not in the list, you have to open the actual message).

The only thing that you can not see are the runes that should been seen

Thanks Xexsmedes. I used to have one. I no longer do

yeah something changed for me too

Just leave team and hit em

Attack button doesn’t show for teammate mails. Agree an easier way to see teammate bases is needed. I just did a base review and getting screenshots of 49 bases was a chore!

It would also help if the defense rating you see for your own base were the same as the defense rating others see…

In chat team if your teammate wrote somethings you can click on him/her and then click on attack button or
By League Ranking clicking on your team then click on your teammate and on attack button.
Why send an email every time?:grin:

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