An Entirely Community Created Rider - Oksana, the Dread Hunter


i think its, i think i will havent enough sigils to get corthanak
i need 28k for Nollaig and 22k for Corthanak. i’ll see at the end of the season, during super sigils drop and if i will have extra sigils, i will go for ful price Osakana :slight_smile:


**Wow she is Awesome!”**I want to get her!


Unlike the atlas riders, it has no specific class boost, so it’d work on any of them :slight_smile:.

I’ll be picking up the first page during the discount and probably put it on a hunter, because that’s pretty much my entire roster :sweat_smile: , though Nollaig is tempting, but I’ll wait until the Week 6 release - no discount rush there.

Though it is another dark gear set, I could see some people having a pretty useless Grogg, such as my small :rofl:, as stats/gear were all mixed together.


Are both portraits available on the front page of her branch?


‘…and their branches will flow into the second and final Dragon Rider of the Season, which will be more powerful than previous riders’

So basically get a naked Oksana for half off and wait for the later rider to get gear… that hopefully aligns with an element that hasn’t been released already…


Not many players can complete 3 lines…


Perhaps I missed it somewhere, sorry, are you saying the first three dragon lines need to be completed to be able to get any of the second set , including the rider?


In order to get to the later rider, you have to finish both the later rider and later sorcerer that are coming out (2 lines) then getting all the later rider gear would mean finishing line 3


Later hunter and sorcerer I believe you meant… just found it and yeah, that epically blows. No doubt all three will be OPAF to push the spending…

Thanks for calling that out.


yes I did mean hunter, my bad. PG says they don’t want to call it a “mythic rider” so my personal guess is that’s because it’s the gear that is super strong


I don’t know why everyone seems bummed out about her being a dark rider! I did not go for grogg unfortunately but got kayla as an xp booster, but now that necryx is finally growing decent… I’m definitely going for Oksana! And probably her armor too. This is going to be great :grin::heart_eyes:


That’s clear. We already have dark rider, but there are more elements… So yeah it’s surprising that dark element will have 2 riders while other none. Lol PG logic. Anyway people who missed Grogg and have Necryx will be super happy. Not my case… First page it is


So you have to buy shards, dummy :rofl:


It makes some sense looking at recent divines, more than half of the dragons in autumn and winter were dark (7 out of 12). Two were wind (also have a rider) and only one dragon of each other element was released.


That hunter rider is still the best rider in the game… +13% attack and +12% health. More than any seasonal rider.


Maybe his is “shitty” because it’s such a low level and he’s having a hard time leveling it up?


If you can max it


well attack then :joy:


Glory is not the hard thing… Those shards are… :joy:


oh i had soo many of those when i left atlas (about 300 i think), Glory was my issue. Either way i was more commenting on him saying it was useless. It is not. They take alot of work to level but they are better than seasonal riders.