An Entirely Community Created Rider - Oksana, the Dread Hunter


Yup. 3% atk 0.4%hp 5% rider xp


I like the stats of Oksana, finally something a little more unique and nice for an offensive playstyle :+1:


really is a LITTLE more unique, its pretty much grogg +2.5% ap, -3%hp?

better than nothing


Yeah it’s a small twist on Grogg, i’d really like their next season riders to push the envelope a bit more. I’m getting bored of the same slight tweaks to the exact same person it seems


This rider is for those who missed grogg.


The rider is pretty. :grin:

I hope the next rider will be a hunky male … a shirtless hunky male. :innocent:


Can her gear be put on any rider or made specifically for her?


You can put it on any rider afaik.


The gear can go on any rider


What would you say her gear is equivalent to in atlas gear?


it’s supposed to be equal to maxed rare if i remember correctly.


Gear is rare, so it is equivalent to maxed rare gear in atlas. Maxed epic and maxed legendary gear in atlas is better then the season gear you get in rider branches.


Thank you! I will stick with the rider. I already have a few dark legendary pieces from atlas.





The prize is 3100 during sale for page 1…

But what happened to page 2 ??? Where are the 50 mystic fragments ??? just 28…
Instead of 1 less use elemental ember pack it should be !

Breeding stuff is very important…
@PGCrisis @Arelyna


Oksana’s animated portrait is slightly squished, especially in the face … looks like she gained a few pounds.


I noticed the animated portrait isn’t scaled correctly. The proportions are off. Too wide.


She looks good, I’m going to get her and then once I’ve gotten a dark divine hunter, I’ll put the gear on her. Easy peasy


I’m sure there is an anime that has explored that relationship before…lol.


Yeah… but look at how tiny the riders are on the dragons… bad things would happen with a human mommy.