An Entirely Community Created Rider - Oksana, the Dread Hunter


You notice that we’ve never seen “that” part of the dragons … maybe cause it’s human-sized. :laughing:


That would be terrifying…


Omg guys let’s just imagine that she is from a very advanced society that is able to genetically modify features of a dragon on to a human…let’s leave it there


Go to your room. :see_no_evil:


I didn’t need to see that conversation :see_no_evil:


What does that mean? :flushed:


CRISPR basically it’s like a gene editing software, still in the works tho, maybe in the future we can “program” certain things in and out of our genetic sequence. Of course then there is the whole ethical issue…anyways getting off track
Of course programming dragon DNA into a human embryo is very unlikely even if dragons existed but hey why not think about it
I’m not a biologist so any thing I’ve misunderstood or missed please let me know lol


I meant the same size as the average guy’s “package”. :gift:


In my first post about this, I did say that I really hoped it was the result of magic gone awry. The society in the War Dragon’s game feels like it’s one based more on magic than science. I blame the lore for not specifying that the hybridization was caused by magic. They left it open to horrible imaginings.


Dragonlance has already explored this theme :joy:


No one considered the possibility of a dragon midget?


I just realized the title of this thread. Who created this rider? I don’t mean the name, lore, visual, but who came up with the skills and stats etc?


@JustBEAR @Coach Seasonal dragon rider gear is actually better than maxed rare gear from Atlas. Grogg’s, Tor’s and Oksana’s gear is very close to lvl5 epic gear from Atlas, although the seasonal gear says lvl1 rare.

Epic Weapon lvl5 from Atlas: +3,9%
Rare Weapon lvl1 from Season: +3,8%

I suppose PG, maybe with some inspiration from the Gameplay Faction.

Atlas Rider Gear Buffs. What about us?!?!
What are the stats for oksana’s armor?

Thanks for clarifying.


Thanks for the exact numbers. I never maxed a rare gear piece from Atlas because it is rare. As far as Maxed Epics and Maxed Legendaries they still are better then the seasonal gear as I mentioned.


Who’s idea was it to give a girl a tail? Opens her up to all sorts of puns.


i finished the first page but shit i make a huge mistake by over look where i can’t finish the last box.
Now my rider dragon attack is 9% which suppose to be 12%. damnit


ouch you basically have a wasted rider then :confused:

Pg really needs to make a retrain button…


retrain button on dragons also helps. Ember lev 1 :heart_eyes:


bases too! lol