An Entirely Community Created Rider - Oksana, the Dread Hunter


Yup, everyone needs to watch out and skip the totem debuff and archer resist skills or else you will be SOL.

I wonder if PG does this on purpose to mess with players that don‘t expect to get fked over after every corner.


I find archer resist to be fine though since Archer resist can be equipped unlike ice turret resist.


Yeah either has it’s advantages, but it’s key to get only one of them, not both.


Well either Archer or Ice.
Haven‘t seen any useful dragon with Archer resist lately and I personally use Oksana on Neptus now, but whatever works best for you.


I have her on Avyx who also has ice resist. If you’re not putting her on a dragon with that resist, the archer one might make more sense since you can actually equip that one. But if you know she’s going to stay with an ice resist dragon, that one is clearly the better choice :slightly_smiling_face:



She should’ve gotten a more delicate tail or no tail but wings … her current one is a lil too manly. :face_with_monocle:

Edit: The other word I used for manly was too adult.


Sometimes a tail is just a tail.


I’m thinking it’s prehensile.


Most players that have been here since Grogg should really know by know that you cannot max every skill. If they haven’t been paying attention that’s too bad.


Is any way to complete all skills bc we couldn’t complete all skills eventhough we make it to expert ?




I think the answer is no but I’m not positive what you’re asking


I think u have answered your own question.


Seems like he’s asking if it’s possible to have the entire skill tree filled out when the rider is experted… Which is no, like you told him. :slight_smile:


Surely it must be the player‘s fault for not paying attention or doing research beforehand.

How did I even assume that there was any shady intent from PG behind it, what was I thinking?



What @LizDrakemoor said is correct , sry about my English as I’m not a native speaker of English , hope this pic well explain what I ask .


They intentionally make it so that you can’t max out every skill. You have to pick your skill points carefully.


Yeah I did thanks


Finally got her btw