An Event for Fortification Expedites

There really should be some sort of mini event that goes with fort, one where extra speedups can be acquired for extra progress in the fort events; although instead of running at sporadic, unpredictable times throughout the season like Assault and Dungeons, this could run every fort event or every other fort event. This would not only be a huge help to all players, but would be good for those without Atlas access (of course those same players can have a boost in timers for the simple fact that they’re at a slight disadvantage due to having no Atlas). Personally, my main problem lately has been lumber (I’m good on timers… well, not this event, but you get the idea). That’s easily obtainable, even with the dearth of it on weekdays. For most people, their problem is usually speedups. A mini event to obtain more of those speedups would be a grand help, and an utterly appreciated addition.


Well then maybe they should get atlas, there’s enough timers especially with the tower branches

Nevermind see what you referred to
I don’t like when someone tells another player how to play the game

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You’re missing the point. The point isn’t to help those without atlas. The point is to be an extra source for timers when a player has done all they could do in the occurring atlas event. The part about teams without Atlas was just an additional detail, but yes, getting Atlas would be a much better solution.

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The question however is how does this benefit PG from an economic standpoint? They already have a method for obtaining more speedups, just spend rubies/open chests. It’s not a good method of players but it is an excellent one for them that works.

My big issue is we all know damn well that if they added more timers that were fairly easy to get then they’d shoot the Fort point requirements through the roof (without increasing rewards) or they’d gut timers from other sources such as atlas and the Electrum line. Im actually really surprised they’ve even allowed us to keep the Electrum line without increasing prize costs or punishing us in some other way. Though I guess using it as justification for higher line/mythic costs would be considered a punishment

There are timers out there, people just need to put in the work to get them. Honestly I need Embers more than I need timers, but not enough to open chests during fort


They lowered the timers you got from the original electrum line to the line we got last season. And nothings to say they won’t lower them this season as well.

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The problem here is. That if they did that, then it would become the new norm.

X amount of months down the line, after players were accustomed to the new norm. Then another player would create a post stating how more timers were needed, or it was unfair how atlas players recieved more timers than non atlas etc etc. Its a never ending spiral. We do already recieve more items and items than when I started playing and this post has popped up.
What I’m trying to say is, it doesn’t matter what PG offered because players will always want more.

PG is a business so whatever they offer needs to have somewhat of a financial return.
The last good thing they did in this way was the drac chests. These are a great source of items when obtained via festive line but not so great via rubies. So PG have offered more timers but requires planning and or spending from the players. It was a good move on PGs part. There is also the tower line that ducks mentioned. OK, bad move on PGs part for lowering the timers recieved. But, still contains more than other lines. But means that players need to decide whats more worthwhile. Timers or 2 good riders (this season).


Well if you do it right you should be satisfied when you’ve done all you could in fort.

You don’t seem to get their point


Yes but they still gave us a line with the most timers and gold chests of any other line which Im surprised at. It did suck though that they cut a large amount of timers out of the line last season

Who knows how they’ll cut it this season, maybe it’ll be like the first pylon line that had 0 gold chests


I didn’t know there was a way to avoid total depletion of timers :thinking: (this isn’t meant to be rude. I can already see how it could come off that way)

No matter how you do your fort event, it’ll always result in total depletion of timers, unless you’re like most people who refuse to use them all in one event. This suggestion helps to keep progress going and allow players to get closer to their goals if they haven’t reached them yet, as well as get closer (or even exceed) their requirements for the breeding event that follows. If you’ve completed the ongoing Atlas event, or done all you could possibly do in it, you have no other source of timers. That’s what this suggestion is helping with.

Alright I can see this is gonna be a never ending back and forth but do you really think pg is going to give us more speed-ups just because you asked them?

It never hurts to try. Previously, PG has given players features they’ve requested. Now, I can’t recall which ones those were, but they have done it before :man_shrugging:t4:

So from where I’m standing both the above perspectives have merit and yes pg will simply take with one hand as they give with the other to balance the availability :thinking:hmmmm

Seems this boils down to how pg values our activity versus their need to monetize the game.

So yes i agree sadly…if they gave us a activity based solution such as a timer event during fort …they would simply adjust everything to balance out that new source of timers.

We have multiple sources of timers that cost players activity or cash which is basically what a event is and adding another will simply add more burden of play for the same exact progression!
Yep because pg has to control the growth of the entire economy at all levels of play they will have to balance it back to a reasonable level.

Seems to me we need to address the issue more directly and simply improve the base value of our current activity.

Malik looks at drop density :eyes: hmmmmm
Seems if our activity was actually worth a d@m we wouldn’t need a timer event :man_shrugging:

But I will say we need a whole new set of events either based on a new functional map or just a new round of core events because these have become stale and watching paint dry has more appeal then running these same events over and over!

Nice suggestion jalen but I think we just need to balance the economy and rework all events and then improve base value of our activity by adjusting drop then we can really assess where we stand on timer availability :sunglasses:

But yep does not hurt to ask and bring the subject up for discussion :facepunch::+1: