An Idea for Resurrection for players who struggled in past

I think next time PG should experiment on the resurrection of mythic dragons.

I have a good twisty idea.

The resurrection branch has only 40 gold chests in total and costs 100K sigils and a 20% boost during the first 2 weeks and doesn’t contain any inner fires, energy packs, embers, timers, tokens, mythic fragments, it only has defense and towers boost stuff and do give us whole 6 keys only at prize the last prize.

And here is an advantage for the players who have already struggled for the mythic long ago that is when a player reaches prize 7, and he already has that orange egg he will be awarded some either gold or platinum or draconic chests or all of them and 50-80%* of his sigils spent to reach that prize and then when he reaches prize 14 and if he has the greenstone already he will be awarded some chests and 50-80%* of his sigils spent to reach there and the same with every 7 prizes he gets
This idea is to favor the player who has struggled to get a mythic dragon in past liked that a lot, used it so much to have more fun and now became low powered and gone into the den or onto preach and missing his flights against max bases now

And finally, this idea is to favor those people who like their hard-earned mythic dragon in the past to be flying against max bases today And helping the player who has struggled to get that dragon in past to get it maxed to the latest max tier which would hopefully come in future by just spending 35.5 K in total to finish the branch to max his mythic and never let go away his struggle in past towards mythic
As I spoke the branch has 6 keys at the end prize, that can be pried for 1000 sigils as the last prize
And this idea makes people be away from the mythic who haven’t even got that
Whereas anew player, as well as money spender, will try to get that at any cost spending his money
hope fully I think PG doesn’t hesitate to try this one so that PG can plan to bring back one legendary dragon and 2 mythic dragons in future SEASONS

Thank you

please suggest any edits
I do have a 2’nd idea too
But that sounds so weird as per my last topic “EXOTIC DRAGONS”
I know really the cost of 100k sigils sound weird and crazy that may change

  • *50-80% is subject to change in order to help the player with already the specific mythic dragon to finish in around 35.5K sigils
    and also the number of chests and PVP resources could be covered somewhere only trough award or else if those are in general prizes more players attract towards this branch =making mythic dragons less passionate :innocent: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

I absolutely whole heartedly disagree. Mythics especially should not return. Unless they advertise future mythics as returning then sure those new mythics can be brought back.

Or rework and old mythic into something new.

But just straight another resurrection no. Regardless of price or anything else. That and it looks like you want to give 50-80% of the cost back to the person? That just sounds like a line that will be got purely for resources unless I am misunderstanding


hmm i added up line has only defense and boosting stuff but no pvp stuff and only the player who did struggle can have all stones for the dragon and when he claims one of them he gets back some pvp stuff and chests and sigils in order to help him level up his mythics to latest tier cutting off the high price and ultimately helping the player invest 35.5 k sigils in it and earn pvp stuff and other rss where as a player who hasn’t got that needs to spend high price

for example
In the upcoming season, there would be a resurrection of mythic A and B from the same season in past and one more legendary dragon so
Player P starts one of the mythic branches and moves on
say he reached empherian stone and then from next stones he will not have abyssal eldritch and verdant stones so till the max stone he may reach with ultimate spending of 29k sigils and rest if the stone he should use his sigils
where as new players need to spend 100k sigils(according to my taught) :thinking: :thinking: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

Apart from me being against bringing back mythics - one glaring flaw with that proposal is that if they have one stone, they’ll probably have all stones, depending how far back you’re going. The last season that required sigils for the actual mythic branch was Winter 2018 iirc (Surt & UVS season), since then it was so that the mythic branch is just stones and runes with no other prizes. (There’s also neptus season that had the same layout but costed some sigils vs free)

I’m in a hurry so I’ll have to comment on other stuff later


I they should add up some stuff between to dilute and make that branch long

Anyway My idea once again back fired
I’m glad at least I have put some taught in u r minds

YouTubers y don’t u try making a video so that we can also get comments on YouTube from those who doesn’t even look at forums

God no, only thing worse than youtube comments are facebook comments.

I think most of the people worth listening to will be able to find their way to the forums, eventually.


You don’t want to be my facefriend? :fearful:


Mythics, no. Legendary dragons? Sure.

We saw good success with equestor in that people, specifically newer players, really wanted to get it and enjoyed it.

But mythics, people worked extremely hard for, or spent money for. I don’t think they should return.

And in all honesty, not many of them would be viable in the current setup of the game.
For example, Ronin would get obliterated by a howie shot. He can’t dodge or cloak them. Bc he was built to resist flaks as they were the main source of damage in the game.

Rework them and bring them back as an ode to the original but don’t bring them back as is.


Reenactment of Ronin facing a howy:


Hmm anyway
my idea is to bring back one legendary and 2 mythic dragons from one season (which player vote on forums)
so that a player who struggled for and also might have spent money can evolve it from past max tiers to the latest max tiers and doubling the cost of mythic resurrection branch will keep out of reach of new players
Obviously, the player who has got mythic in past will have all stone.
so I brought up some twist here so that a player cant invest 70K sigils to just evolve it by 2 or 3 tiers so we can do a thing that is reducing RSS and chests availability in mythic branches and reducing the cost for players with mythic already by giving sigils, chests*, RSS*, at every 7 prizes he reaches and ultimately favoring a player with mythic to evolve his mythic to latest tiers by just spending 18K sigils and all latest stones and 3 key at last prizes for free (I told they are free coz as the player have already spent 18K sigils)

  • *those sigils and rss are given if the player has those stones before ( if - because new players won’t have them and keeping the passion of mythic undisturbed )

Huh anyway past mythics are not designed for modern bases and not worth at these times so Y don’t y’all vote for that season which has worthy mythic dragons during that specific season

This is easy when it is explained with examples of doing math by giving life to the mythic Ressurection branch showing how a new player and a player with specific mythic spending sigils in it.sorry i can’t do that math at this time cozz I’m screwed up with math :cold_face: :cold_face: . If anyone can do that please post that so that then with perfect math it can enlight WD team and make them rework on past mythics for these latest setups.

I think my words don’t even reach PG HQ so that the whole WD team may think of one trail on it and its a success they continue and backfires then no more like mega pearches case :no_good_man:

Thank you :innocent: :hugs:

Edit:- I have changed the idea a bit :disappointed:

I wanted dimachaerus/& or Skarr on that list

If you don’t know who dima is a bad little she devil from the beginning


is it a mythic?

Your dragon den will tell you in the divine tab

No absolutely no mythics those cost players a lot F2P and in money so no that would insult endgame players

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As much as I would love this because I only have one mythic, Hauhezen; I don’t think this is a very bright idea. People work hard for their mythics, grinding throughout the season to get them (unless you were like me and got a mythic last season with nothing to start with). However, legendaries would be okay. I would absolutely love to get another chance at Kullecid. I miss having him in my roster, and I’ve fallen out of practice with him ever since I had to retire him.

On another note, mythics are free, and have no sigil cost. If your idea were to be put into effect, would you expect the mythic resurrection branch to be the same way? Free with no sigil cost? Or would you want it to cost sigils the same way this season’s resurrection branch (and any normal branch) does? Either way would be unfair. Here’s how;

The players getting a second chance at getting a mythic they had initially failed to get would have to spend sigils to get it, whereas the players that actually succeeded claimed every prize at no cost. This would be unfair to the players with the second chance… or so I suppose (they have to spend sigils, the initial players didn’t… unfair, right? :man_shrugging:t4:)

The players who had initially claimed the mythics would watch as players who hadn’t get a chance to obtain that same exact mythic with little to no effort. This would be unfair to the players that had their chance at first and succeeded.

On a final note, what if the players that claimed it only got to a certain stone? The mythic would be useless, because the point of a mythic is to have dragons that never expire (unless you’re endgame ofc). Those mythics would expire quickly because the players with the second chance failed to acquire all the stones.

That’s why they have the discounts at the beginning of the season. Whether you complete one or both, it takes a lot of pressure off of you, and you don’t have to spend as many sigils.

Then again, Equestor wasn’t when he was re-released :eyes:

In conclusion, if it’s a mythic you want… work for it. Getting a mythic is a process that requires lots of saving, careful/wise spending, patience, and—sometimes, but not always—planning. Grind bronze chests, save gold chests, save rubies, and you’re all set. I think about 2000-3000 bronze chests will do, about 300-500 gold chests, and about 160-180K rubies. As I’ve stated, it takes lots of time, lots of patience, but you’ll get it.


I don’t think I even need to explain why this is a terrible idea.