An unfair tactic that needs addressing

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I want to raise an ongoing thing that my main account leader, officers and 4 other teams have started to do that has been happening now for maybe a few months.
At first I thought it was funny, but now I think it’s actually mean spirited and unfair.
They have formed an alliance but not to help with in game attacks but to all raise support Tickets against players or teams that, upset them, attack too much or are considered farmers. This is almost every player within this alliance raising support tickets so 4x50 = 200 support tickets getting these players emails, chats or games banned. They are trying to isolate these players and I no longer think this should go on.

I am happy to edit and remove the name of my team if this is against policy

So what? Let them report if they want to be assholes. What difference does it make?

Report me a thousand times…I don’t care. Why? Because nothing will happen to me because I didn’t do anything.

If support gets inundated with frivolous tickets, they should just be locked out using support system. Problem fixed.

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also remember that if a player is abusing the support ticket and has been escalated to PGJared (might take quite a lot before this happens though), it is possible that they can get banned from contacting support ever again.

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what happen to the player that get reported? And what is the reports about if the player have done nothing wrong?


It’s working now three targeted teams have disbanded and from what the leader says we have had 5 players banned and 10 from LC chats and emails. Because so many tickets are raised against a player support ban them and the player has to prove that they haven’t done anything we wrong. Which takes time and leaves the player banned during this process. I’ve had enough and am leaving the team but they will now target me for leaving too.

They are using screenshots of fictitious emails

That’s not how things work. If they were banned, there was a reason.

That reason was not people filing extraneous tickets.

Well in our current league we got another player banned from chatting, his team confirmed in chat so it is happening. Our leader tells us in TC the players name and team and that we all have to raise a ticket

if the reported chat is actually inappropriate then they get punish if you use the in-game report tool.

No we have all been given the same screenshot from our leader on line to submit with our tickets. It’s a fake one that she created but we all submit and say xxx player is harassing us and sending abusive emails. Well PG need to look at it because you say it doesn’t work like that.

I know we get a target every few days or a every other week and then our alliance all submit tickets and these players go down. Because they attacked too much in kingdom event but made to look like abusive players. I flagged because it’s wrong so now I leave it to PG if they let it go on so be it.

Something’s not quite right here…

So SOMEONE cries wolf. Then others in the alliance (up to 199) cry wolf, too, pointing at the shepherd dog.

Support comes, and because there were 200 cries, they shoot the dog.

3 days later the squirrel’s extinct
1 week, and there’s no cow left in the meadows.

Which league is this?

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Example of a fake email we are told to submit

It’s my team and then 3 others that are in all different leagues that we got to know the past few months


Just pm PGJared or Arelyna regarding that…

PM not tag

I tagged them in the post how do I send to them?

go to their profile and then there’s a message box.

Devils advocate here…why do what they say and submit tickets? Your leaders can’t check that you have or actually make you do it.

No now I’m taking my main account out of the team because I realise it’s wrong. Most people think it’s fun and that we can take revenge on players that attacked us too many times in events or teams that targeted us.

I too thought it was funny at first but now realise when I see these teams falling apart that it’s wrong