An Update on Wintertide’s Remaining Tempest Dragons


Dragon Lords,

For the last three seasons in War Dragons, we have released the second wave of Dragons 4 weeks after the start of the season. This is the first Winter season where this pattern would take effect.

However, due to the Wintertide season beginning on December 6th, this would mean the second wave of Tempest Dragons would be released on January 3rd, which is uncomfortably close to the holiday season. We want to make sure we have our full staff on hand to support the release of these dragons, so we are going to be pushing back the release of the second dragon wave to January 10th.

The Tug of War event is going live today, and along with the event, we will be updating our in-game messaging to reflect the changes noted above. You can expect to see the second wave of Tempest Dragons (which will be the second Legendary Dragon and our final Mythic Dragon) on January 10th, 2018.

Thanks for your understanding while we prepare to take some time off at the end of the year. We’ll be back again first thing in January with these Tempest Dragons and much, much more!

PS - That beautiful, snowy winter map reskin we talked about in the Winter Season Preview? It’s on the way! You can expect to see your base covered in snow before the 25th, or Christmas Day, arrives. We’ll be previewing the winter map reskin on our Twitch stream next Wednesday! :snowflake:

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Thanks for the info.
Will this have any affect on the scheduled releases of riders?


Seriously??? 1 more week before spending our sigils…why not relasing them 1 week earlier…! Can we at least have the spell for the main line warrior earlier to decide what to do this season??

That kind of turn me off for the season…


Christ it’s just one week.


As far as I’m aware, it shouldn’t, but we will definitely let you know if that changes. :slight_smile:


I week earlier means 2 days after Christmas, right before new years. That would completely defeat the purpose of delaying the release to have “all hands on deck” for bug fixes/etc. PG deserves a break during the holidays too. One week really isn’t a big wait. Gives you time to collect more Sigils anyway. :grin:


If anything, they should release them early to get all that iTunes gift card money from kiddies Xmas presents. I think this is a bad business decision that could cost PG a lot of that xmas gift income…


But save us players massive glitches with low to zero staff available due to holidays. I support their decision :blush:


Honestly, they’re going to be glitched regardless :man_shrugging: When has an event, a release, an update, been put out that didn’t cause even more problems? Delaying them because they aren’t ready (most likely) is one thing. Xmas is on a Monday, roll them out next week, then you have an entire week to fix the major glitches before the holidays start…


I assume you mean 2 weeks early, before Christmas. The “next” week monday is new years day…

I know there will be glitches but I would rather the game glitch with full programming staff available than have it glitch with only support to talk to. Shudder


Yes. And I would rather them have full staff on hand as well from a player perspective. From a business perspective, you want the holidays off, get that shit released and the glitches patched well enough to survive from Xmas to New Years. Happy Holidays! :rofl:


They just have to put them as soon as this weekend…make us a Xmass gift for once!! And plz don’t tell me they are not ready, they have 3 full month to create 4 new dragons…

They are ready for sure…they just want to get impatient poeple like me spend their sigils on 1 of those 3 bad dragons they gave us right now and then they hope we will spend again on the new one after that.,!

They are sooooo wrong…!


Honestly … NOT such a big deal …

What I question far more is the general strategy of releasing 1 seasonal and the mythic season later in the first place.

I preferred it when ALL the seasons dragons were rolled out at the start if the season. Have you a much better idea what dragon to target.

Of course, I see WHY they’re doing it. Few players, myself included, really hang onto their sigils without going after one of the seasonals before the final rollout … which means, when the time comes and they realize they should’ve waited for that last dragon, they already spent a fair share of their sigils and have to make up for it by buying “value packs”.



Very reasonable. However, could you reveal their skills earlier than 10th so that we can determine whether go for mythic or not?(effects event performance a lot)


Yes please!


I don’t recall any season where they rolled out all the dragons at the start…:thinking::thinking: Which season was that?


Apologies if this was already stated somewhere, but I couldn’t find anything about the riders in this season. I heard there are going to be two? Do we have any idea when there will be more information about those, and when they will be released?

  • Two riders (no Anuba/Nydryr-style dragon this season)
  • First is wind (covered in the blog) due in approx. 6 days (covered in twitch)
  • No official details on the second, unless covered in yesterday’s twitch stream or a facebook stream


Thanks forScience! I had read the blogs but don’t watch all the video streams, so I didn’t know about the release date. This is my first full season (I dropped into the last one when everything was already unveiled) so I haven’t experienced the staggered release of season rewards before. I guess it’s wisest for me to just hang on to my sigils after the Leos-discount ends, wait for all of it to be released, and then pick a path.


Last winter … was my first season … but I’m pretty sure Tengu, Snowdrop, Tarand and Algor were all launched at the same time … am I mistaken?