An Update on Wintertide’s Remaining Tempest Dragons


You are mistaken, that time i safed 4 weeks my sigils to use all directly into snowdrop line :slight_smile:

Btw: I would like more information about the 2 riders which will probably come @PGCrisis :slight_smile:


… it actually even says so in the original announcement. Check.

Only these past theee seasons, the new dragons came in two installments.

Before that, the seasonals were all launched at the same time at the start of the season.



  • I joined in the Fall 2016 season, so I don’t know. Maybe Ebon.
  • Snowdrop - proof below…
  • Aster
  • Zamrok
  • Gargula
  • Winter 2017 main line warrior

Oh, and



As someone that’s been playing for 2 years and 8 months, I am 100% sure that the third mainline dragon each season has been a mystery, as well as the mythic, for the first couple of weeks.


Ebon, Phasmos
Snowdrop, Algor
Aster, Morphos
Zamrok, Merkt
And this season


Yes , it has been always this way. In other words , it has been always this irritating.


I’m certainly not clamoring for change or whining or anything but it’d be nice if the dragons were released when the sale dragon ends, if the intent is to make people choose between waiting to see the new one(s) or going for the discount. Just an idea :man_shrugging:


Hey Hyrdra,

We will do our best to get each Dragon’s skills and info out before the 10th! We plan on releasing their spell set information and other details in the days leading up to the release. Pushing it back one week to the10th also gives us the time we need to get that to you early, as well!


You always say that : ‘‘we will tell you the spell before the dragons are released’’… But you always show them like the day before …its not quite cool and quite what we want either…!

Want to make your community happy, show us the spells and/or the dragon in the comming week!



We will do our best. I won’t be 100% promising these spells a week or more ahead of their release, especially around the holidays when many of us will be taking time off to be with our families.


I understand the part its cheitmass and you have to right to take vacantions like everybody!

The fact is, you all prolly all must know what the remaining warrior’s spells will be, it doesnt take 2 week to write them down on forum you know…!

And if they are not already done…come on…you can’t throw spell on dragon at the last minuts like that, your team as the whoooole spring season to chose those spells!!

Thanks! Appreciate your answer!


No, all seasons have launched 2 dragons followed 4 weeks later by 2 more. (Except the odd season where they released even more dragons.)


I don’t know why anyone would try to argue with you on something like this lol you know more then most of pg staffers :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


PG I support your need for holiday breaks.
Just make sure you give us a strong branch warrior dragon. Take extra time if you need, but make the warrior good. :smiley:


And give warriors a well-needed boost asap :slight_smile:


You dont happen to know id the rider only works with wind/armor only works with wind dragons? I remember reading somewhere that it could only use wind armour but gives the bonus regardless


Riders themselves can go on any dragon, but the season rider lines come with gear, which will lock the rider to an element, unless all gear is unequipped for rubies (50 rubies per removal). For Grogg it was Dark, and for the one due out in the next several days or so, it’ll be Wind.

As an example, some players on my team got Grogg but equipped it with Wind gear, so that they could put it on Noctua.


Ah ok so no wind rider for me rip


The riders themselves can go on any of your dragons without needing to match the element of the dragon. The gear of the rider is what has to match the element of the dragon.

@forScience is correct that for Grogg, the gear in the branch was dark, so if you used that gear specifically on Grogg, then he would need to be equipped to a dark dragon, which would have worked with any of the Fall season dragons.


I unfortunately don’t have the Fall 2016 “mystery Dragons” screenshot (I was still a newbie in smartphone tech and WD then), but I assure everyone that each season the main Dragons were released in two batches.