An Update on Wintertide’s Remaining Tempest Dragons


Since there are 3 season dragons, there was one of them the Mystic one… (ofc with mythic one )
Before that only one drag anyway


Typo? You put the words ‘strong’ and ‘warrior’ in one sentence :rofl:


Hey man I’ll have you know my drakius performs very well against xp farms so take that back!

Seriously though what this guy said :point_up:
Warriors aren’t usually made for strength they’re just there for people to face-tank turrets or for face-roll gameplay


When will we get more information about the legendary dragon? When will come the 2nd rider?
Thank you


The Legendary Warrior and the Mythic Hunter will be released on the 10th of January as stated in the season tab.
They will most likely sneak peek / preview them a few days earlier.

I expect the second rider to come a couple weeks later to keep us hyped. Probably the same cadence as Anuba last season.