An Update to the Capture the Flag Event

Hi everyone!

I wanted to provide a quick update to the Capture the Flag event, which will begin tomorrow and run through Monday.

Similar to our update to the Fight Pits event, we will be issuing a 15 minute Mega Attack disable for every round of the Capture the Flag event. This means that all players will be unable to start a Mega Attack once the 15 minute mark hits for time left in a round. If a player starts a Mega Attack before they are disabled, the run will still count. However, the server WILL kick you back to the main event screen if you take too long to finish your run, and the attack will NOT count. We recommend using Mega Attacks well before the 15 minute disable period occurs, so you are guaranteed that your run will count.

Good luck out there! :dragon:


Does this mean you will now not be able to initiate a mega, sit on the select dragon screen for 10 mins then do your run?

I don’t know the exact behind-the-scenes workings of the disabling feature, but I believe it is when the run resolves that will end up being your problem. If the run takes too long to complete, you’ll be kicked back to the main screen. You can stay on the dragon select screen for however long you’d like, but the run will not count if you take too long to finish it. I’d recommend not staying on that Dragon select screen for ten minutes. :wink:


Good grief who are these people that constantly find ways to beat the system! Never ceases to amaze
me. I admire and hate them at the same time. I want to be that devious :triumph::joy:


I hear 15, can we get 30, 30, c’mon 30.

Just kidding, sort of. Nice change :+1:


Thank you!!

@PGCrisis is there a way to make innerfires forgeable? I mean if a certain amount of it can be forged. Or maybe increase the drop rate in bronze chests


Hmm ok so the activate and wait tactic still available - much more viable tactic for ToW than Pits so I’m predicting lots of teams doing this.

:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Thanks for updates PGCrisis.

There is a really simple solution for this. If you remove the mega coin, you don’t have to worry about it, just saying.


15 minutes doesnt really effect much. It needs to be a minimum of 30 minutes but should be the last hour. With it being only 15 minutes you just use a couple megas before the doors close and then it’s still basically impossible for the other team to catch up with supers. Should make it so megas can only be used during the first hour of a round… or you know, just get rid of them like 99% of the players want but we all know that’ll never happen

Im hoping the bypass has actually been fixed because people were certainly taking advantage of it during pits.

Can we have a counter placed in dragon selection screen?.

Just so that everyone won’t complain about being kicked from Dragon Selection Screen.

(IMO 2 minutes is good enough to choose a dragon, any decent period is fine, as long as it less than 15 minutes :grin:)

Agreed 1000% :joy:

Better then nothing thanks :blush:

To be honest… Before the megacoin, we had a bonusmeter for effort, and the prizeline was same or weaker…

Now the bonusmeter is gone and we have a megacoin, what noone of most people likes. Because 66% of points only.

The 5 superattacks which can be done easily inside 15 minutes can give you more points… And really… why not once change a bad thing as megacoin. Time cant be a criteria while super attacks was well for.

I would prefer if you @PGCrisis would change the prizes into what they should be over time… i mean mostly we get legendary gylphes which we mostly not need in personal prizes… some useless resist or explosive shield like 2 times in last some week… lol…

It would be better if you take that gylph more downside , and implement a mythic gylph somewhere, so that people really have something to play.
The reality is… when i see the prizes, and i see a worthless gylph, i dont pay much attention.
If the gylph would be “better” or good… i would probably go and play higher, as many many people.

As with all in this game… this prizes are old, you need update these within the team.
As you updated the prizelines to be harder, some have to be for lower now .
Hope you understand my point, afterall we saw this during years changing. :slight_smile:


Please check the gylphes at the events… and please talk with @pgEcho who have experience since years here about.

Nearly every event useless , less of use gylphes are coming in personal prizes. Just check the last events and look please “what” we players need and use at dragons, and what is more need, and what is useless…

I told at upper post aswell… and now in this event a tribok gylph… really please come on. This prizes are “old” , with that i mean you should update this prizetiers.
Things got over time harder to gain, and higher in points needed… so it should be the case to “balance” here a bit too… use different new gylphes instead of these…

Last events more times for example explosive shiled came… now in team prices rejuvenate…
It should be hard to take the actual gylphs lower and add a mythic gylph on upper prizes.

In many things we had balance changes, but when its about caring of these old things, it takes too much time…
Dear Jared… remember in old forum, when you was new, you asked in a topic what kind of runes we would like to be more… and we voted clearly for some special ones which are still very seldom…

If you dont want take this decision alone, why not again a voting for that ? While now nearly whole WD world have acces here… I mean , it is normally logical to do so… but sadly not everytime people remember it when other things are arround… and thats why i bring this up again. You know too that this issue was years before too… so why not change this? I hope for success and that you take part of it ! :slight_smile:

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I miss the bonus meter :sob:. I didn’t know how awesome it was until it was taken away :sob::sob:. Things haven’t been the same since … that loving feeling is gone … gonee … gooonnnneeee. :sob::sob::sob:


Yea in older times effort was less paid and after we asked much for it, it came as bonusmeter…
That days prizepoints got higher too to balance it a bit probably… but now where they took it away… the old increase is left, maybe even more… and mega coin is useless and very stupid.

The event started with 4 days and 6 hours left in the event. I am not a math major, but if the rounds are 6 hours long, this would mean 4 rounds per day, or 17 rounds. The Battle page shows round 1 of 16.

Can we get a confirmation if this will be 16 rounds or 17 rounds @PGCrisis?

I know this is not the first time this calculation error has occurred, however it would be nice for planning my energy pack and inner fire usage to hit my goal in the event to know now rather than find out on Monday that the event is over at 16 rounds.

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I seem to recall one event where the last round was for personal prizes only. It could have been CTF, although my memory escapes me as to if it was the last one or the one before

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