An Update to the Capture the Flag Event


Yes it was. But that was unintentional if i remember correctly.


Unfortunately it’s still ‘Capture the Flag’.


I really dislike the point system in capture the flag. All top spots are most definitely not the same :confounded:


@PGJared so during the fall season, there was a way to make extra points when you we all were introduced to the special event dragon of the week or something like that. What happened to this? And when is it coming back. Also please don’t ignore what I asked previously about the innerfires. It’s important to me as well as anyone else. Thanks :pray:t4:


Can we just remove all Pvp events except KOTH and Fight Pits?


I’ve confirmed with the team that it will be 17 rounds for the duration of the event!




Is the event clearing extra energy at the end of rounds? I bought 100 energy before bed last night to save for today. I logged on today and only have 16 energy and my packs that I spent last night are still gone.


errr… I HOPE not.



I had 144 energy last night and still do. Send in a ticket for sure


Did you sleep-mega?


It shouldn’t. Last night I bought my energy 5 minute before a round ended and used it in the next round. Time for ye olde ticket and hope you don’t get any of the idiots that respond to my tickets. They’ll probably need you to go back in time to last night and take a screen shot of your energy after you purchased and your energy packs before and after buying the energy. Oh and hope you remember the exact moment your energy went missing, even though you were asleep and not logged in.


I sleep super-ed this morning and judging by the very very very minimal increase in my score it did not go well lol


Support said my memory fails me due to drinking too many beers last night and to quit wasting their time. :man_shrugging:


Can anyone tell me what the white flag is about? Does it not count as capturing a flag?


correct, it does not count. Sorry


I saw that but why doesn’t it count?


Because there is a maximum number of flags a particular team can lose in a given round. If they’ve already reached that limit, you’re not going to be able to steal any more from them. (Or they could have 0 flags left)


Ok thanks! Good to know. We couldn’t figure it out.


Sorry, I should have elaborated and I didn’t want to scold you for not searching.


The “Flags” button should be checked by the officers targeting for you. Even with that as Liz said you can still get hosed.