An Update to the Capture the Flag Event


Thanks for not scolding :see_no_evil::joy:. I actually did search but I had them written in as white flags.


sometimes less is more when it comes to searching. cast a wide net then narrow down.

teasing about scolding.



@PGCrisis what happened to all the home base flags won from the event? Haven’t seen Live Event issue updates.


This is the second one in a row that my flags have gone missing. I put in a ticket last time and after a week of back and forth with support, finally getting them to understand its not on my end, they tell me they’re aware of the issue and it was being investigated. After my flags disappeared today I sent in a ticket again and pretty much got the same response, it’s a known issue, they are looking into it and to be patient. They know that they just have to blow smoke until it comes around again, because flags will removed from all bases and it’s a clean slate. It’s an issue that resets itself and they are fine with that.


Sadly no flags yet. No update either but to check a google doc that’s outdated.


Pretty annoying. I refuse to let my ticket close as there has not been any kind of resolution.


Flags REALLY that important with all the other issues that actually effect gameplay?