An Update to the Fight Pits Event

Hello, Dragon Lords!

Alongside the release of Captain Tor, we will also be rolling out changes to the Fight Pits this week as we strive to improve our events and overall gameplay experience in Dragons. The following updates will be in place during this event:

  • 15 minute Mega Attack Disable: During the last 15 minutes of every round, mega attacks will be disabled.
  • 10 minute Cooldown Periods: The cooldown period between rounds will be reduced from 15 minutes to 10 minutes.
  • Increased Coliseum VP and Champion Bonus: The starting victory points of the Coliseum will increase from 200K to 250K and the champion bonus will be increased from 200K to 250K.
  • Viewing results of the round: You will now be able to view results during the cooldown period.

Plus, we’ll be introducing a series of UI improvements and bug fixes for this event!

Here’s a brief FAQ on the new Fight Pits event:

  • Q: If I bought a Mega Coin before the mega attack disable period, will I be able to mega attack during the disable period?
    • A: No, you will not be able to mega attack during the disable period, even if you already have a mega coin.
  • Q: How will I know when the cooldown period is over?
    • A: There will be a timer showing you when the cooldown period expires.

Our intent with these changes is to take the feedback our community has provided about the Fight Pits event and elevate the experience in a fun and fair manner. Let us know what you think of these changes once the event is live!


This is a great start. Thank you for listening to us.



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Good job on the mega coin changes

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Isn’t this just going to be about the same result? 15 minutes isn’t a lot of time to make up points after getting coined (especially in this event) :thinking: Better than nothing I guess.


How long are the rounds? You can’t really expect them to disable a money maker for too long. Hopefully this kinda change will be implemented in tug of war rounds as well


I wonder the same thing. Will this just make the round unofficially end earlier with a 15m cooldown period?

The biggest problem I had with The Pits (and now Conquer the World) was how it seemed like nothing you did mattered until the very end of the round.

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I was hoping for more time but this is a good start. Thank you @PGCrisis

Though nice, gameplay improvements would do a lot more justice than UI improvements. Just throwing it out there


I’m not a fan of this PvP design which completely punishes a team for being on top.

Before The Pits and the change to Conquer the World, it seemed like teams would fight more against others of their same caliber. Teams would spend the whole event trying to gain a better position over the teams around them.

With The Pits and Conquer The World, everyone targets the same team which currently has the most points or acres because they are heavily rewarded for doing so. This means no one can build a lead and no one knows where they will end up or which teams to fight for position with.

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Each round will last for six hours!

Almost like your hurting your team by using energy without being able to wait til the very end of the event. As you said making yourself a target by gaining score. This event was awful last time and there were even rounds where my team ended up in a “pit” by ourselves so had to wait 6 hours to hit anyone (24 energy worth of regen down the tubes per round, worse if it was at night and couldn’t wait up the 6 hours). Just a terrible event. Seemed like everyone’s least favorite event was CTF so their new event idea was a worse version of CTF lol. :man_shrugging: Just my opinion.

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How is it fair to kill 15 minutes of a round? Might as well make the round 5 hours and 45 minutes🤦

Some people save energy packs and innerfire - we don’t need to spend money. But now we have no reason for keeping anything between events

Thank you Pg for reducing the time.

@PGCrisis If a mega attack is started immediately before the 15’ to go mark and ends after it (let’s say 12’ to go), will it still count?

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Great question. I will ask for you!

Got an answer for ya!

If a player starts the actual attack before mega attacks are disabled, then it will count.


Much appreciated!

So it’s more like 12-ish minutes with no coin. This will make a huge difference :man_facepalming:


I’d probably prefer the mega be disabled the last hour.