An Update to the Fight Pits Event


Much better than fifteen minutes IMO. Some teams can’t recover enough points from a few megas in the last fifteen minutes. An hour would be better, I think.


This doesn’t fix nothing with regard to megas. The go-to strategy seems to be to mega EARLY and build up such a big lead no one is going to bother chasing you down - they’ll jockey for position 2 instead.

The solution to limit megas to ONLY personal points, and count as supers for team points is the best.

@PGCrisis can you please pass this along?


Half an hour of cooldown period for mega will atleast let other teams have a hope of catching up. We will see how things go in the actual live event :face_with_monocle:


Let’s hope Tug of War never surfaces as an event again


Not sure what league you are in but D2 never let a team get that far ahead last event.


While I generally agree with the concerns on the mega coin, however is the coin not supposed to give you an advantage? You can catch up with super attacks. I think 20 to 30 minutes would be an effective amount of time for disabling the mega coin. Especially since it’s more like 12 to 14 minutes. An hour is far too long, at that point what advantage would the coin give you besides time?


If you launch mega attack before cool down period starts for example, 18 mins out, but the attack doesn’t finish outside the 15 mins, does it count?

Concern is spending the mega but not getting mega results.


They’ve already answered this


This is truly a wonderful idea! Much better than what it was last time. I personally like events with some scope for strategy and team work rather than pure horse power where u just spend and win.

I do not know if 15 mins is sufficient or should it have been 20-30 mins. However, this is a laudable effort.



Ah… see it now. One can only hope… not had that experience with other aspects of game ( like launching an attack in King of the hill - attack started with bounty available, but based on timing of other people’s attacks, there could be no rewards left by the time your attack finishes. PG told me that it’s the state of the game at the end of the attack that counts, not what it’s like at the beginning when you make the decision to attack/not attack)


First, thanks for the changes.
However, I really don’t think it’s mega attacks that is a problem. It is the fact that last 10 minutes of attacks being concentrated that will make previous effort count for nothing.
Just make it like conquer the world which every point you gained at any point of the round matters, which solves every problem.


Wouldn’t it become a little redundant with all kind of events treated similarly?
Atleast there won’t be megajump in last minute is what i am looking at.


Well, that’s true, but I think mechanic that Fightpit will be shorter round and will be against limited teams in each round might just be enough change. Well at least for me.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a luxury to log in at the end of round every time, and knowing that my points will worth nothing for my team sucks more than event being redundant.


At least we’ll know we’re going to lose sooner. :wink:



The original point of these quick point making super, mega, was to help those who had money but not time, play with those who were the other way round. Now they are used tactically spoiling the entire events. They were not for creating an advantage.

Which makes me think, instead of restricting the time super or mega can be used, deliver/remove the points they get over time not instantly. So if a mega gets you ten times the points of a plain attack, deliver those team effects points over the time it would have taken, roughly, to do ten attacks. This works still as an anti last min attack as the round would be over before all the team points were transferred. 5 mins per hits worth.

That is much more reasonable, saves the player time, and dragons etc. but in time limited round events the mega user does not achieve the impossible in time terms were they playing without using them.


Love that updates are being made to improve events <3
Thank you!


Pretty decent change considering the supers have a shot at neutralizing the mega effect! Some people will always complain regardless but atleast its a step in the right direction and huge steal of power from the last minute mega coiners


I am super confused as to why more people are not happy about this. We’ve had megacoin complaint threads forever…PG does something to positively affect change and people are still upset. Yes, it’s not the best they could do, but it’s a step in the right direction.


I mean…that’s what we do here.


Ha! True story :kissing_heart::hugs: