An Update to the Fight Pits Event


I think the problem people had with The Pits was more related to the design of the event than Mega Coin.

Let’s pretend Mega Coin doesn’t exist. All the teams are still neck and neck the whole round and then it would be whoever drops the most super attacks at the end wins.

There is too heavy of an incentive for everyone to hit the top team. This makes it a game of staying in the middle of the pack (so you aren’t a target), then hopefully you have more goodies to use than the other teams at the end.


Not disputing that the event is not good. It’s my least favorite PvP. I’m just surprised at the number of people that aren’t happy with the slight change PG made to the megacoin.


True, it’s not a whole lot of time… but it’s better than before when you beat a team and then at the last min they use a mega attack and u don’t even realize until after the round is over…
Ugh! that was SO frustrating


Let’s disable the mega attack for the last 6 hours of every round.


Update: There was a mistake in the original post. The Champion Bonus for the Coliseum is increased from 200K to 250K, not 400K to 500K. This has now been updated.


We can always dream


15 mins fix nothing
Its sinply like this: Whale team start attacking around 20 min with Mega before 15 mins disabled.
Assume each attack is 3 mins. In 15 mins you can only do 5 attack. Possible 8 if you attack easy bases
Disable time should be at least 2 hour to 3 hours, so non-spend teams can catch up.


Hey, fantastic! Thanks for the 15 minute mega disable. That definitely provides more time to respond. My team can work with that.

–Mr. Boss


It will be more helpful and appropriate in tug of war…

But yeah In this like other PVPs crazy megas even in the beginning it’s not going to matter in the last 15.


I like the 15 minute lock out on using Megas. Is it perfect? No. Is it better than no lock out? Yes.

As much as everyone whines and hates Megas, they are here to stay. Even some casual players I know have used them from time to time, just because they couldn’t be bothered to grind.

I think the Pits was designed to foster that last second rush. It is an interesting variation on the same ole same ole PVPs we get every other week. Will everyone like it? No. But it is a little different than COTH, CTF, CTW and Team Gauntlet (think I got them all).


I cannot remember and the wording about the event is unclear. Will the cooldown period be at the end of a round or the beginning of a round?


Cooldown for using mega? Last 15 minutes of the round.



If that’s what you’re referring to then your questiioin makes no sense. Because the beginning of a round is also the end of another. :man_facepalming:


The cooldown is in between rounds. That is unrelated to Megas, which cannot be used in the last 15 minutes of the round. Then the round ends. Then there is a 10 min cooldown. Then the next round begins. Make sense?


:thinking: :exploding_head:


Thank you, @JJ6758 !

@Grumpybigbird the last 10 minutes of a round is different than the first 10 minutes of a round. But apparently the cooldown period isn’t a part of either round. It is in between the rounds, so I guess it take 6 hours and 10 mintues from the start of one round to the start of the round after it.


And for the people that use them simply bc they don’t want to grind, they don’t care if it’s locked out the first hour or the last hour. Bc they are doing it for personal points. Which is perfectly fine. :blush:


Ok whatevs :man_shrugging:


Last time it still took 6 hours between rounds, with a 15 minute cooldown meaning you only had 5 hrs 45 mins to attack.