An Update to the Fight Pits Event


Is there a strategy guide available for this event that someone can provide a link to? How do you strategize it with your team, when do you use your innerfires, supers…etc.
Thanks in advance


15 minutes sounds like an OK time and will promote team grinding at the end of each round.

1 mega is the same as 6 supers (all without inner fire) so teams able to grind the points back should be doable.

I do also think that a cooldown (15,30,60 mins?) between the use of each megacoin for each user would be ideal. But this is at least a start :+1:


shouldnt this be a part everyone should figure out himself? makes no sense if 25 in a League following 1 Tactic :wink:


So the unofficial end of the round is 15 minutes before the official end. Because everyone will dump their megas then and with only 15 min afterwards, no one will be able to fight back to overcome a couple hits from megas.

end result: virtually no change. Megas still control the event, just burn them before the 15 minute warning.


Coordination and super attacks :man_shrugging:t2:


Team achievements not being handed out ??


Maybe a PM to Crisis or Arelyna. I’ll try it later and let you know.


Send me a mega and I’ll try it too :wink:


I sent a PM to Crisis. Hopefully I’m wrong, but if I’m not, it’s probably an easy thing to prevent.


I’m already getting Line messages in the alliance chat that this is possible. So there’s your answer.


Yeah I was pretty sure. It’s such an obvious exploit. The WD Community is so good at gaming the system that it should have been anticipated. I hope they close the loophole fairly quickly.


Well at least it restricts it to one instead of a few! :rofl:


Just started a mega attack with 17 minutes left and never got any points, almost fucked the whole round.
After the attack it was just on the skip screen and would not load the points, skipped it and done another attack as that usually gets the previous points to load but not this time.


the time that is checked would be the one after the attack ended. If you attack with 17 minutes left and then finished the attack with 14 minutes left, then points wouldn’t be given and the attack would be refunded.


According to pgcrisis, it should have counted.


guess they did some changes to it. I just used the data from when the round ends and event ends.


I have just checked and i do still have the coin. I seen a post on here saying if the attack was started before the 15 min window it would be counted.


I like this :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


that’s 1 way of letting players know that they got refunded.


Please just rename this event to “THE GREAT MEGACOIN PIT”