An Update to the Fight Pits Event


A lot of players use them, though grudgingly. Like far more than most think. There are times when there is simply no other option.

As a free player even I found that when leading Hd I would nearly every event use the few PVP event items I had on a mega attack or two at the right time. I regularly sacrificed my own progression in events and in the game as a whole for strategic hits.

Now I didn’t want to. Bonus meter was always a better balance. But with that removed, there’s simply no other option for many of us. A team of 50 players, even with a majority low or non spenders, can come up with probably a dozen or two strategic times to pool resources and run some well planned mega attacks and its crucial against big spenders.


I begrudgingly use supers. Such a waste of my energy packs. :frowning:


Still hate this event. Disabling Mega coins for the last 15 min of the round is a start. But not good enough. I preferred the bonus meter waaaaay more over Mega coins. Something that that’s strategy and effort. I hope to never see this event again. As does most of my team.


Aren’t you essentially saying you hate all PvPs without PvE islands?
This event is way better than Tug of War.


Agreed, and Tug of War is still better than conquer the world as it ran last time…


This event is exhausting. I’ve used over 150 energy packs and 200 inner fires. Yes I agree the 15 minutes does make it a little harder as I stated before but the last 30 minutes is still what really matters. Therefore, 5.5 hours is sitting around. I’m still setting my alarm for 30 minutes before the event round ends to get my attacks in. Overall game play does not increase in this event. If anything I feel like it has decreased.


It’d be nice to get a special mega attack defense invite banner. Like in atlas where you can see the troop count it’d be good to know whether it be worth defending in event. This might offset mega attacks a bit.


I am not for this. There is already a risk with mega coins. Even though if you don’t get 70% you still get a percentage of the value. I feel like this should be left to chance.


And take away the 50% points bonus if you mess up a mega attack run please. Makes people be more careful with megas.


I’m ready to flag your post inappropriate @NeChrix That is just wrong :joy::joy::joy: JK but serious they better not. Sometimes mega coins are a team effort losing 50% of 100 energy and 20 inner fires is a blow. Playing devils advocate I can see mega coins disappearing if they did this. It’s a risk already and to make it 70% successful attacks or nothing is not a risk i would personally take. If they reintroduced the bonus meter I’m for it.


Lol I get your point. I’m speaking of a player point of view. I’m just not a big fan of people being able to buy points without taking any risk or using skills.


I’ve never been for mega coins but this event I was really busy. I did a ton. I didn’t get 70% on two and it had nothing to do with skill it was miscommunication. You are right if the megacoin was taken out of the game tomorrow I wouldn’t be upset I would be happy. I guess my attitude is if you can’t beat them then why not just join them :woman_shrugging:


You went to the darkside? :frowning:


I don’t get it why ? All it matters is to attack a base you know you can destroy at least 70% with three dragons when defended and all is good.
People complain too much in PvP events when their attacks are being defended. Attack what you can take down - or use a backup - and all is good. PvP events are also team strategy events… where people help each other.

P.S. and I am one who salutes the 15 min imposed by PG to restrict Megas. At least we have time for 4 supper attacks to clear the Mega advantage.


Exactly the miscommunication was with teammates. I was being over-ambitious and depending on the team to cover me. :disappointed: completely my fault. I think you mistook my post I’m not complaining about being defended shoot I defended too if I could. I was just stating my position on the mega coin, that’s all :smile:


swiping closed when no one joined didn’t refund? I don’t use, just wondering


IDK I probably should have tried it :smile: wait is that against the ToS??? :thinking::unamused:


Hope not, I use it to save my multis every time I screw up with Hau or various others. :slight_smile:


I love the idea!!! :tada::tada::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::dancer:


I guess if you’re going to fail either way (probably) and still get 70% there’s no risk, only reward if it gives you the coin back.

Someone here might have already done this. Let’s see