Ancient Egypt theme for next season!

Hi! I think most of us like theme of Egypt mythology. And it’s a good idea create new season in this theme! Beautiful dragons, as snakes, scorpions… Season signs as a scarab beetle. Avatars as a Egypt gods: Osiris, Anubis, Set etc.
What do you think about it??!


They already used that theme for Sapphire tier, and revisited it with Anuba in fall '17. I’m not sure another set of egyptian dragons is likely.


How about an Eastenders themed season with Dragons like Frank, Pat, Dot, Peggy, Ian and other classic characters.

Peggy’s special attack could be the “Get outta my pub!” where she launches the Queen Vic’s bust at the defenders’ towers.

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Going purely off of the poll for the new Twitch stream “let’s draw a rider” I would hazard a guess that next season will have something to do with Japanese lore/mythology.


You beat me to it Liz! They already stated the rider with have Japanese features. Wouldn’t doubt the season plays off that. I hope so because there is a lot to like about the artwork that could be developed by PG. and this is one area (only area lately?) I have been very pleased with PG.

Wasn’t that last season with Oni and every day with Ryuu?

Maybe a Celtic theme with banshees, pookas, suileach, sinach and stoorworm?

I’m looking forward for the Ninja Dragon

There are lineage Dragons and there are Seasonal Dragons. I think developers are now working on the Summer season and we have no information about it yet. So who knows? 🤷

Meridian :heart_eyes:

Wasn’t last Spring Celtic themed? Samhrad, Corthanak, Nolliag, Fomhar. They all had Celtic symbols as part of their artwork, no?


Uma temporada grega seria legal, com dragões: Hades, Zeus, Urano, Gaya, ou seja “Dragões Deuses”!!!

So much history, art and concept to draw from for a Japanese theme. I love it and hope that this is true.

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A ninja-inspired spell kit (for a Hunter obviously) might be pretty sweet; but most Ninja dressed in fairly plain, unassuming clothing and armour, yes? All about stealth with them. From a visual standpoint I would be much more eager to see a Samurai inspired dragon. Samurai typically wore considerably more armor which was usually designed to look intimidating. I’d be doubly pleased if they repeated the “legendary divines are good dragons and the mythic is evil” like they did in the seasons with Abraxxas and Corth. Then we could get a Ronin dragon and rider :smiling_imp:.

Pagoda style design for new towers? Not likely, but interesting to think on.

Ninja portrait would be awesome… and NO backgrounds please :hugs::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Edit: different portrait from what airbean’s line has before :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Egyptian is a pretty common theme that’s been used for dragons for quite a while

Personally, I’d like to see a greek mythology theme
A lightning eagle dragon (white & gold Noctua?) or a 3 headed dog, a serpent dragon that turns towers to stone, a hydra, a vengeful dragon with peacock feathers.

Riders could be a spartan warrior, Hercules, an Amazon, Charon the ferryman of the dead, a Fury, Athena, ect


Unfortunately, we already had a roman theme last Winter with Avyx, Gladicus, Equestor, Leos and Neptus. Even though the Greek myths are older than them I doubt we’ll see them anytime soon. They’re too similar…

Disclaimer : I’m also bummed about this as I love everything Mythology. Let’s hope the time will come to use these myths too…

By the way, Hercules is roman. Herakles is Greek.

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Did they do chinese theme yet? That would be an interesting theme to see

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An Aboriginal theme would be good.



Yuki Onna?

Or to the living…
Ninja variants?

Hmmm, a little home-town promotion there? :laughing: