Ancient Egypt theme for next season!



Themes I want

  • undead/demonic theme

  • beautiful/angle like theme

  • space theme (dragons from space)

  • dragon theme that represent a certain emotion

  • a mechanical theme

  • sun theme

  • moon theme




What we really need is a season of dragons inspired by H.P. Lovecraft mythology. That would be awesome!!

Imagine a Cthulhu dragon, something like this:

or this:

or even a cthlhu cat dragon, Cat-hulhu:


Japanese theme would be awesome. The sole one so far I’ve seen is rhyo. Now I’m expectant :hugs:


How do I do that post 9 link stuff? If I copy hyperlink of it then paste it just quotes.


What do you think about anubis avatar? Like that…


Looks like Anapa…


I tend to believe that spring will bring a scent of Japan, taking into account rider announcement. Although of course we’ve already had some Japan-related dragons here and there. I just hope for the best that art team can do, including experts in history, because sometimes Japanese-related things in western community look a bit Chinese.
We’ve had dragons with 2 and 3 heads too, I wonder how’d 8-headed Yamatanoorochi would look like in their interpretation :smile:

I used to love Ancient Egypt in childhood and even had one of final exams at the art school on that theme :smiley: Still like it, although not so deep passionately nowadays. Besides Anapa and Anuba edit: Rajin too there are still so many opportunities.


Still kinda want a Greek mythology themed season. Last winter season doesn’t count. There are so many more dragons that could be made Greek themed. Same with Norse mythology, there are still so many more dragons that could be based off Norse mythology.
Egyptian and Chinese mythology does sound cool too.


This would look awesome as rider or portrait


And what about India and Polynesians mythologies ? There’s a lot of interesting stuff in those that could be used too…