And I thought support wasn't listening

I sent the following question to support

This is what I got back…

The event is almost over and still no answer to the question asked. And getting that response to my question…extremly frustrated now. @PGJared

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Reply to the ticket and ask them to elevate it. That will get a “Manager” response

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Yes that would of been a more polite reply. I will try again. Thank u

This is most likely the case the player joined your team after treasure hunt started. The bug is with the Eligible button. It should be Ineligible. Anyone joining after treasure hunt cannot earn points in the event.

You mentioned black screen, freeze, blank didn’t you? Oh wait…

The last few pvps credit has been given up till the pvp actually started. I dont know about prior only from experience with alts during the last few.

The left column is event points, and the right column shows how much barricades they added to your forts. That player doesn’t have any points. All they did was add 100 barricade to your forts.

Support should have been able to tell you that if they bothered to glance at your screenshot. I’ve been seeing other people with this cookie cutter response that doesn’t fit their problem. Someone needs to tell support to actually read before responding.

But he has done many attacks. They just have not counted or gave him points. Doesnt seem it would let the player add barricades if they were not eligible.

:joy::joy: umm no

Has that player entered a ticket?

If he wasn’t eligible, it would say “ineligible” instead of “notify” I believe.

Yes he has. He did at the beginning and still no response. So i did…and i got the above response.

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This is proof there is a problem. The mysticshadow account was the one i moved for the baseburner account to be added to our team. They were both moved after the treasure hunt started. They should both be able to do the same in the event.

What she said.

Ticket number?

And thank you for looking into it.

Maybe you missed 2 players joining at the Same time. One is getting points one is not.

Thanks! So, you got hit with a bulk reply. After you responded to that the agent got back to you about the specific issue. I really apologize for the bad bulk reply.

That was the response. Again they are not listening to the details of the issue. If the account that i moved to add baseburner is eligible for points then baseburner should be also. I did the change on both accounts at the exact same time. Its so frustrating. It seems maybe support is hit with so many bogus claims that they assume all are. Or they just refuse to actually read thru and investigate the matter.

I got the black screen reply as well. Two tickets open, one since Friday. No reply on one and the other got the bulk response. Yeah they’re listening.

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