And it’s gone again


Anyone care to explain?


Down here also


When people attack with taunters and rushers, it makes Atlas go down :see_no_evil:


When Mare takes the shards…


Seems only iOS is down on my team


Yep. IOS is sucking atm…


I’m Android and it is down for me now too.


Yeah, it’s down for my team, too


The update is riddled with bugs. For those who can get in, the game is laggy and often presents as a black screen. …pretty much unplayable. So if this is why. atlas has gone again, fine, but how about some communication.




No Atlas here.


Only a guess… Maybe they have identified the problem that was affecting some spells, and they needed to take atlas offline to prevent corruption while deploying the fix.

But, only a guess.


Some people have it while other don’t.


Try a restart now if you haven’t in the past few minutes :slight_smile:


Having same issue on our team as well. If you’re in it stay in it… No one has been kicked out yet. :slight_smile:


pgEcho got it fixed.


Hardquit and re-open the game should resolve your issue. Let me know if it still persists.


Update still as buggy AF. Load screens moving at a glacial pace.


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