And the winner is …

All the top teams are allied together, now what happens?


World Domination!!!

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The winner is PG of course.

That said, all games have a top team or top alliance. The key to a good game is limiting the influence of these teams on the rest of players. They should win every event and get the best rewards, but not “own” the game.

The main war dragons game is fairly well designed. Atlas is a horrible joke of a game. Its literally a schoolyard bully’s paradise. (Not saying anyone is a bully necessarily, but saying nothing in Atlas prevents it.) Having a game design that relies on the good will and good behavior of players is so ridiculous as to be laughable.


Certain alliance leadership is currently attempting to convince other alliances and neutrals to band together to take on a certain other alliance. Maybe it will gain traction?


I know I should close this…
It’s clearly another “mega alliance” kind of post but I’ll wait a bit


PG should unleash a super-tough Blackblood team into Atlas. Just turn it loose, and have it trash every castle that gets in its way.

Wouldn’t really solve anything, but would be entertaining.


I have no idea what this thread even is supposed to mean and idc to read the blasphemy


Why are u going to close a post like this, it is just an observation.

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Because it’ll end up in a callout thread.

Edited to add a couple things…

I agree here, It seems just a statement out of the blue.

True and I saw some games where just a single team zeroed many many accounts in a couple hours.
Atlas is not that bad if you ask me.


And an OLD saying goes:


Your INSECURITIES are CLEARLY your OWN problem! Periodt! :green_heart:


Yeah this is old news @MikeH8sDisGame1 stated that a certain team has already won the game and clearly is correct. This is all just trickle down from that win.

Another alliance thread discussion. This should be interesting, people should remain constructive. But also. Déjà vu

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They already did, look around :slightly_smiling_face:


I meant a PvE team. I’m joking, of course, but if the long term trend is for everyone to be allied with each other, may as well get weird with it. Add a team that won’t ally with anyone.

I give this another hour before this thread completely derails just like every other of its kind…

In this there is no winner, this game has no endgame at all, the lvl goes up and tower lvl too, from here to infinity. Yes there will be top teams and yes all of the teams are alike. Changing a bully with an other is not a change at all, for me just a different bully.

Love this game there a stuff that i do not like.

While not a 50/50 split, I’ll tell you that not all top teams are allied lol.

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You’re wrong. One team won the war. I don’t see any timeline in which they are not the winners. I wouldn’t even call them bullies. They played the game to perfection and won plain and simple. Kudos to them :clap:

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i like mega alliances :man_shrugging:
probably cuz im in one :rofl:

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I know what you mean but the game is not over hence there is no winner. Yes a team or two are in the top, but the game is not over, if there is a “winner” why play