Android 11 crashes

Today I upgraded my Pixel 4 to Android 11 (official OTA) and the game crashes more than usual, especially in Atlas.
Though, if the game doesn’t crash, it shows an ANR at random times. See below.

Anyone else having this?

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Its been crashing for me alot even before ,so i cant tell the difference anymore :joy: ,i am an android user too

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I see what you did wrong here…

You play on a android.


Yeah crazy to expect the game to actually work on a platform that only has a 85% market share.


Though the beta has been available for some time I think it’s a pity they are going to apply fixes afterwards, and not on beforehand.

I also mailed support and they said the team is already working on it. No idea how long they are working on it already, but I hope it’ll fix other crashes.

Same for event screen (non-atlas), which just hangs way too often for the issue to be ignored and makes the app crash or run unstable.


Same issue here after update to android 11, before update too though to a lesser degree. I also get a “stuck” notification bar a lot on Android 11.

How did you manage to log in? I just got my Pixel 4a and can’t even log into the game because the keyboard won’t pop up to enter email. Video of problem below :arrow_down:

I can’t view the video, but I assume you’re using the gesture navigation.
The game doesn’t handle it well on that screen. You need to use navigation with 3 buttons to log in.

I get app not responding after every atlas attack (pvp or invader) and other random new hard crashes since upgrading to android 11. It’s not great.

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I still get this error constantly after Atlas attacks or defenses.

This is a major frustration, representing many unwanted game exits/restarts and minutes of wasted time per day. (War Dragons takes 30s to minutes to restart and re-enter Atlas.)

@PGGalileo Could you find out if the appropriate team are aware of and progressing on this?

I was searching If I was the only one, gladly I don’t. Also on Android 11 and after a attack in atlas the game kicks out. So it’s waiting then for a new update which gives the right support for android 11

You can wait a lifetime. This will probably be ‘fixed’ (if at all), without any notice.
For example right after I upgraded to Android 11, the game crashed more than often when going into Atlas. This is now no longer an issue, but I never read anything about it in the release notes. It’s probably put under “several bug fixes”, which also suggests it was an insignificant issue to them, just like this ANR is.

However, if the holy iOS gets a bug, the team works overtime to get it fixed.

I’ll try to tag someone to see if it gets us anywhere. @PGGalileo can you help us out?

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You’re right, but now more phones are getting android 11 and this shit affect more players in the coming days/months. Been with support yesterday all day long and also they saying it’s a incompatibility problem, and therefore a fix is necessary.
I remember this same problem when android 10 was released

Support replied suggesting it may be Pixel-specific but it doesn’t sound like they’ve identified a cause let alone a solution yet.