Android 7.1 Nougat

Any plans on making war dragons compatible with the newest Android 7.1 Nougat.

Just checking before I update my Samsung tablet.

Anyone else running War Dragons on this version?

Thanks in advance.

Hasn’t 8.0 been out for a while now? It works fine on my 8.0 devices so i’m sure its backwards compatible

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All I know is got a new tablet, turned it on loaded up and now wanting to upgrade to that.

Thanks for your reply

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8.0 (Oreo) is limited right now unless you’re on a Nexus/Pixel 2/2XL. Still beta on Galaxy S8, from what I’m seeing.

@DeadlySinsMHS - In general for compatibility, what works on 7.0 should work on 7.1. At least, that’s been my experience in sub versions.

8.0 is available on Sony XZ1 & XZ Premium, runs just fine. I ran the game without issue on Z4 tablet, XZ & XZ Premium with android 7.1 before updating too

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oooh. didn’t realize 8.0 was out on Sony already! Nice… Sony has gotten better at that. TIL, thank you!

Mine is Xperia Xz P too. Runs smoothly but still has graphic bug that annoys me a lot

@Delknee List of Sony devices with 8.0 released/soon to be released

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