Android calls WD Unstable App. 😒

Android has officially labeled War Dragons as an Unstable App.
11 errors is a vastly under represented number.

I wonder if Google would take these crash reports and this error seriously and ask the vendor, “Dude. Whats up with your app?”



What is does the “FIX NOW” wanna do?

Nuke the app from orbit. Its the only way to be sure.

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By the description, kill it.


I wish I had the courage to just uninstall.

Do it!! And then reinstall … it doesn’t take long :grin:

Yep. My VPN or WiFi is causing segmentation faults in the app.

@PGJared If you are looking for an opportunity to work with Zendesk on a more direct response when someone submits a crash report, here is a good one. Ticket number 1735788

Or If you have an idea on what I could put in my response to the ticket to get it escalated up the chain and a dev looking real hard at the recent changes on Android in Atlas that crash the client?

I dunno. Step number 6 says I should disable my firewall and let the hackers test my network for me? Maybe I should try that one. Leaving it disabled for 15 to 70 mins should do it.

Ok… but why the selfie?:thinking:


What’s funny is that whether I’m on WiFi or Data it never fails that the other one works WORSE

Go on uninstall it. Forget the next step. You can do it. We believe you.

Its only counting errors that got to the point of operating system intervention to terminate the program. Normally it never gets that far because we have to restart the game due to things not working right in game before it reaches the level of catastrophic fail where it starts trying to execute data etc.


Pray for an account-disabling bug to get you used to life without WD? Lol

Things get better after the initial feelings of loneliness/bereavement…The first two weeks suck but life starts to move on.

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I can tell you it’s not your network. :joy:

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PG is looking at it. So hopefully there is some improvement on the next patch.

Here’s hoping, before the last patch it was already failing in expectations directly provided by Google in at least 4-5 separate subsections under developer tab.

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I really don’t want to go through all the silly steps in the support debugging routine. I know that one of those things will actually work or provide interesting data a lot of times, but … this doesn’t seem like one of those times.

Hope the general crashiness is getting monitored and investigated anyway.

And it was even on the old forums… but yeah.


According to this article from 2017 google had planned to punish apps that were unstable with lower rankings in the playstore. Pretty sure WD is already too big to really do that, and I can’t even find anything that says they actually went through with it, but still thought it was interesting.

Also curios wherein the settings you found this I would like to check my stats on crashes.