Android cant log ticket - solution

Hi all,

Currently android phones cant log tickets.

Well technically we can log tickets with zendesk but the tickets don’t go anywhere. If you can log onto zendesk the ticket is nowhere to be seen and thats if you can log onto it as many players report their credentials dont work.

Today I logged onto the game with an old iphone. All the tickets I logged with zendesk over the past 2 months were not there. However I can see the tickets I logged when the in game interface worked.

With my iphone I was able to log a ticket.

So its safe to say the only way an android user can log a ticket and have it actioned is by using an iphone or ipad.

Just a heads up to any droid users wondering what happened to their tickets. They just don’t go anywhere when made with zendesk.


Yes its really annoying. When is PG gonna fix it? Its been months!!

I was able to log a ticket through zendesk. And received reply 2 weeks later. Whereas when i was logging it in through game it was 24 hours turnaround, not even mentioning how ridiculously inconvenient it is to log stuff through zendesk. I just gave up at this stage and not logging anyhting


Weird that your ticket worked. I logged three and none of them exist anywhere.

I used the game ID code even.

I can’t see them on Zendesk or on my iphone.

Maybe Zendesk is just a bit hit and miss.

Oh i couldnt see mine either. I just received a reply to my email some time later…

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You can just access the regular support menu on android through any system generated email and send emails that way instead of doing it through the zendesk site

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Oh wow, thats neat :ok_hand: wish i knew it earlier. Time to log my issues :smiling_imp::hocho:


Wow thats even better than finding an old iphone, installing the game, setting graphics to low and then logging a ticket


@PGMatt I wonder if your team can fix it? Seems the help button for the in game mail works but the main help button bombs out to zendesk.

They know about the problem, they said back in April they were working on a fix but haven’t said anything sense. I dont get why then support is fine accessing it through an email help but the settings help would cause problems. Are they not the same button that’s supposed to take you to the same place? Personally I never saw an issue with the settings help button before they disabled it. But I have been noticing A LOT of game crashes this week ever since they "fixed’ the whole champion shard issue.

I asked for an update about it a month ago apparently we android users have been forgotten about

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We are like… least favorite child :pleading_face:


I believe it’s just an overlooked case.
In my case, pressing the help button in the settings calls other browser, while the help button in news lists them all.

Perhaps @DragonPunch can help?

Get ios device :triumph: :joy:

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Nah. I like to suffer and complain about it thank you very much :triumph:


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