Android Crash Problems

The game on my Galaxy Tab 3, and S7 edge has been MISERABLE at staying open. It just is getting worse. I have sent in tickets without any credible response (“Try turning your device off and back on again”). I have tried to attack 4 times now and ALL of them have caused my game to crash. Please PG get your crash problems on android fixed…

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This used to be a fairly regular occurrence on my Galaxy S8 but after the past few updates I have seen the number of crashing incidences drop significantly. Not completely, but far fewer than I had prior.

It has just gotten worse on my two devices. Literally crashed again while typing this (with game having only been open for about 3 minutes).

Crashed 4 more times since last update (20 minutes). Happens on any device, independant of wifi I am on, and reinstalled, restarted device, etc.

This has been noticed also in other threads.
Seems that latest Samsung devices have more problems than other Android manufacturer.

My s6 has been performong terribly since the last update.

It is equally as bad on my Tab 3, which historically performs much better than my S7, and this game is the only thing on it.

My Samsung Tab 2 crashes alot too. My Asus zenpad 10 is better, but it still crashes Where my ipad mini i can have the game open all day

I have also an old S6 that work better than S8, still crashed a lot but not that much, it’s also faster in Atlas.
So I guess it’s something about Android 7.0, but just mine opinion.

Android crashes/ Samsung. I’m wondering whether anyone is still looking into this? I’m on core game, and my Samsung s7 was shutting down on me randomly and/or freezing my phone. I just switched to the Note 8 for a faster processor, and the crashes are much more frequent. In my first hour, I crashed at least 5 times. I’m planning to move to atlas next week, but now I’m really worried I can’t reliably play. Any idea what is going on, and any fixes?!

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Nithing for me. Game crashes at an average rate of 5 times an hour consistently for me. Sometimes 10, sometimes 2, but never less than 2.

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