Android crashes: Or, What I have to do to play this game

(Apologies in advance for what is going to be a fair wall of text.)

Ever since the update to 5.03 I have been experiencing serious freeze and crash issues with the game, the latest 5.04 update didn’t help at all. It’s gotten so bad I decided to keep a log, just for one day, of my attempts to play this game.
My device: Motorola Z2 force running Android 8.0.0
Here are the types of results I recieved:

Freezing at initial load screen @99% loaded:

It can sit here for upwards of 20 minutes

Android crash notice: (keep forgetting to screenshot this one) general Android notice that the app has stopped responding. Gives the option to wait, close app, or send feedback (Google’s crash report: gets system logs attached)

Freeze on splash screen transition: same as the loading screen but without the progress bar. Happens after finished Atlas attacks or switching from Atlas to main game.

Hard freeze: phone becomes completely unresponsive, cannot access onscreen home or back buttons or notification bar. Requires full phone reboot.

Connection failure:

Log begins:
Time - result
0850 - game loaded to main screen - Android crash, feedback sent
0852 - game loaded, opened settings screen - Android crash feedback sent
0855 - frozen 99%
0901 - frozen 99%
0903 - frozen 99%. Force stopped appGave up went to Facebook
0928 - game loaded, Atlas beast run, freeze on splash screen
0935 - game loaded, Atlas beast run, freeze on splash screen
0943 - game loaded, Atlas, build troops, Atlas event screen, claim prize. Sync error: on game restart - frozen 99%
0958 - loaded, event, Temple guardians red, purple, blue. Froze on blue level attack screen hard freeze phone reboot.
1010 - loaded, event, TG, orange green gold Android crash at gold attack screen, feedback sent
1016 - frozen 99%
1019 - loaded, event, TG, gold - Android crash feedback sent
1024 - frozen 99%
1026 - loaded, event, Platinum done, afterwards not recognized as completed, frozen on TG select screen, closed app
1032 - loaded, event, TG, Platinum now shows as done, screen frozen can’t select next tier, Android crash, feedback sent
1038 - frozen 99%
1040 - loaded, event, TG, sapphire, Garnet, prize screen, prizes won’t claim when clicked on, battle screen, can’t attack PvP - after selecting attack type on enemy team, it quits back to battle screen, hard freeze at 1048
1049 - frozen 99%
1052 - loaded, event, wildfire attack, prize claim, can’t open armoury screen, main screen, failed to load Atlas 4 times in a row, gave up.
1308 -1324 normal play until
1324 - Android crash in event screen
1325 - loaded, event, PvP*4 then
1337 - hard freeze in armoury screen. Reboot
1757 - loaded, Atlas, hard freeze - Reboot
1940 - loaded, event, TG, freeze on blue tier select screen, closed app
1942 - frozen 99%
1946 - loaded, Atlas failed to load, Android crash no feedback this time
1950 - frozen 99%
1952 - loaded, event, TG, blue, orange, freeze trying to select green, can hit back to battle screen, Temple guardians no longer available
2006 - connection failure
2010 - frozen 99%
2014 - loaded, event, place Rider on Amarok, no change to dragon stats, close app
2020 - switch Rider on and off twice before stat changes are active.
2025 - 2109 normal play
2224 - frozen 99%
2228 - frozen 99%
2230 - loaded, event, hard freeze - Reboot
2236 - loaded, Atlas beast run, frozen at splash afterwards
2240 - loaded, Atlas, build troops, sync error restart, frozen 99%
0042 - loaded Atlas, troop build, event, freeze on battle screen, app closed, went drinking
0824 - frozen 99%
0829 - frozen 99%
0838 - frozen 99% force stop app and cleared cache
0842 - frozen 99%
0847 - frozen 99%
0850 - frozen 99% force stop app
0851 - loaded! Android crash at main screen feedback sent
0855 - This one’s new! hard freeze at frozen 99%, phone unresponsive, Reboot
0859 - loaded, prize claim, store, purchase Atlas elite (why am I still giving this money?) return to main screen, freezes while performing collect food animation
0902 - loaded, Atlas, beast run - hit attack and app closes to phone’s home screen no error message
0908 - 1025 normal game play
End of Log
If someone is looking for the crash reports that got sent, mine all have the comment “constant freezing since last update”
I do truly enjoy playing this game, but you guys are making it so hard to do so. I’m not trying to bitch, (well, kinda) but wanted to show the kinds of problems I’ve been having and the timescale they occur on. As a closing note,I wanted to leave these here:

3 days!

With love and frustration,

Android crashes: Or, What I have to do to play this game

You provide a lot of info that can be very helpful. Only thing missing is what device you’re actually using though. One think I’ve found is that the android version wants bucketloads of memory to run smoothly.

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Edited above with device info and Android version.

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you must have one of those phone vampires… android 8 also isn’t up to date anymore, some of that could be your phone. my Moto z3 (android 9) only crashes a couple times a day

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Can whatever flagged my post please show me what you thought was inappropriate?
Is this not a topic amenable to general discussion?

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6gb ram that model, should be plenty to run the game. My s10e has the same and runs smooth as butter.

Unfortunately there have been a lot of posts before about people having trouble with Moto’s (G6 or G7s if I remember correctly), there could be something specific about Moto software that’s causing issues. Hopefully PG engineers can look into this more.


was standard g6, still not fixed


G6! I still can’t get into the game

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Yup, this is irritating


I am using xiaomi pocophone F1 , last year flagship processor snapdragon 845 chip mobile phone , currently running at android 9 ,
Since 5.03 my game also crashing lot( previously also crashed and lagging, but not this much ) , in this event it crashed multiple times , probably more than 20 times while doing super attacks and temple guardians,
My device have 6GB Ram , 128GB internal storage,
All other games running smoothly in this device , this the only game having lot of crash , slow loading , lag issues ,
Honestly this frustration making me to thinking about quit this game :frowning:


Not being able to get on or be able to play has made me wonder if it would be better to just quit. Never get on again instead of waiting forever.


I’m using a OnePlus 6 with the 845 processor, 8gb of ram, 128gb internal storage. Android 9. I’m under the impression those at PG don’t have an actual Android dev and don’t understand the strengths and weaknesses of Android.


Yep , snapdragon 845 is last year best android processor, it can run any android game so far released, if it can’t run in our device this game , then pg should work on that first ,

In antutu benchmark score my device model got rank 2 or 3 last year .


Pixel 3a here. Tons of crashes, sync errors, and a few rollbacks, constant disconnects. several freezes or infinite loading spinners trying to send mail, chat or team info not loading, failure to set up Atlas. This much higher than previous level of error started with 5.03 i believe. It’s using up to 1.5G of memory. I tried a fresh reinstall somewhere between 5.03 and 5.04 in hopes of improving this and subjective feeling of really slow loading times. No joy.


I have the note 10 plus, same problems

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LG Stylo 4, incredible frustration similar to everbody else with failing game

Mine also freezes a lot when trying to craft gear. It just sits there and spins and spins. I’m Android as well and yeah have to close app and reload quite a few times a day:/

Now on note 10 plus

This is turning into the new emoji issue. No fix there in over a year and it’s been a month in this.


I really hope you are wrong

With the small difference that the emoji thing is utterly irrelevant, while this is blocking people from the game.