Android Crashing

Hey all,

The teams has been investigating an issue in which players are unable to access the game. In the meantime, shields are up for Atlas. As soon as there’s an update, we’ll let you know.



Hey all,

We want to give you an update on the Android login issue that some players experienced from roughly Feb 3, 10pm PT to Feb 4, 10am PT.

The inability to login and subsequent crashes were caused by a third-party service we use for our game. For those not familiar with game development, it is a common industry practice to use external libraries and services to put together a game. For example (and unrelated to this issue), games will often use a vendor’s chat service instead of developing their own from scratch. Unfortunately this means that if our partners break something, it also affects the quality of the gaming experience we provide for you, our players. This is what happened last night.

The Android login is currently resolved, and our partner has deployed a fix for their bug. However we want to continue to monitor the situation to ensure game stability.

Atlas shields will remain on until 2pm PT. If we do not feel confident in game stability, we will extend the shield even longer. However, shields will not go down before 2pm.

We also want to apologize for the delay in our response. There was a mixture of factors working against us: the bug was caused by something outside of our control and it was during our sleep hours. Ultimately, no excuses, and we strive to respond as quickly as possible to game disruptions.

Lastly we will be sending out 2 apology gifts for the trouble by the end of day today:

Gift 1 (sent to everyone)

  • 1k Diamonds
  • 2x Summon 1k Troops

Gift 2 (sent to all US players on Android)

  • 1k Diamonds
  • 2x Summon 1k Troops
  • 1k Rubies
  • 2k Breeding Tokens

For a summary of the timeline of event, click here.