Android Google play issue

This seems like something wrong with the game itself? Support was 0 help as you may expect… atlas is extremely hard to play without elite, and I’ve made purchases recently. For whatever reason Google play isn’t connecting to the game at all.

@PGJared please give me someone competent, this happened about 6 weeks ago to an iPhone user… so maybe you guys have a clue already?

Have the user reboot. Like full reboot. Sometimes force closing the game works too.

I think google play services sometimes hangs or the game can’t connect for some reason

I’ve seen similar on the iPhone with iTunes Store. Reboot also fixes it

I’ve been doing phone gymnastics with support :joy: delete, reinstall, close, open, clear cache, bang my head a little

Clearly they no longer want your money :joy::rofl::joy:

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Did you try having them update all the apps (mostly want the google play services updated)

Also. I’ve had times where I think there was an outage on the google side and you just had to wait.

Have you tried putting a support ticket in for google?

Google is IMPOSSIBLE to get through :joy: their link redirects you to their damn forum every time ?


Maybe my phone just hates me :eyes: I have gone in circles trying to do that a few times… but thanks sci, I’ll try it again and see if I was just having a wonderful phone issue

Update: I don’t get that option to message them, guess I’ll have to talk to a human :scream:

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