Android issues....again

What changed in this last event PG? My Android tablet consistently crashes after 5 to 6 runs. In Atlas I keep having to run with ‘black’ screen.

What else can you guys do to make it harder for Android users.

Have you tried playing the game on lower graphics settings?

I have Android, and it’s actually been working better for me recently. Try the lower setting the other person recommended

Android had a system update recently. At least it did for mine which is a Samsung Galaxy S9+. From this recent update, I am now having some trouble in the event menu such as going between tab to tab. It will occasionally crash and put me out of the game, but is fixed upon the reload. Maybe this might be the potential reason? :man_shrugging:

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For play game with Tablet there is only Apple devices, sadly. 95% of Android ones have issue, Phone seems Android runs good now, at least on my Samsung S9+

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