Android LG phone bugs I wish solved

Both my and my wife’s phones are LG V40 units and both of them are doing the exact same thing for 8 events now.

1: Only with buildings needing timers to complete, using timers to hatch eggs works fine, reducing Atlas items with timers is fine. Tapping on timers trying to construct buildings is very very laggy to where I can tap 24 one hour timers and wait 10 seconds while they slowly tick away. It does not remove it in “real time” and “join attack” and “defend” banners are slow to appear or don’t at all.

2: There is a memory leak in the events. Somewhere in the “prizes and ranks” section is an unknown trigger that causes screen presses to take up to 3 minutes before registering. It freezes while scrolling down and claiming prizes and spills out to the rest of the event, causing delays in all claiming of chests, prizes, season event purchases. Sometimes it crashes to phone desktop, when it starts doing this delay, the entire phone is unresponsive until you click the off button once to force lock the phone to undo this issue. This has been going on for 8 events now and it only happens in the event screen.

3: has anyone noticed that Papa dragon or a summoned warrior dragon is one shotted by red mage towers? Papa dragon is a white spell, and from what I can tell only happens on the first island you attack. Watch Papa with full health vanish without a trace even on low low level AI islands during events with AI islands. Same happens with any summoned warrior dragons that need to be renewed when they are killed, including Noelle’s baby dragon. Once past the initial first island these dragons get hit by red mage towers and take normal damage. Just my 2 cents worth

I think this has always been the case with any summon- red mage takes it down
And for the rest… sorry but I don’t have android and works fine on iOS

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These issues happen for all new android phones as well.

Samsung S20 here :frowning:

Always been an Android user and you just described my daily war dragons life perfectly. The lags always happens with me and it’s best to wait and be patient.
Android imo is bad at supporting wd and ios has been better.

:frowning: a few of my in-game buds decided to put a pause on the game too b/c they have the lg phones.

all of them said “we will return when we buy a new non-lg phone.” in their own languages.