Android spell identification ingame


I realize this is going to come with alot of negative feedback but I’m gonna throw it out there anyhow.

Instead of having the visual aspect of active spells, is there a possibility of adding icons at the top of the screen to indicate what spells are active and forgo visual aspects to circumvent the lag issues associated with visual displays on Android devices. Plus put timers on the icons to indicate when they expire.

Although my team has Atlas, I avoid it like the plague because I can’t perform within that realm.

There is a way to identify what device a player is using so you should be able to toggle the settings based on the device.


I have plenty of issues using my Pixel 2, not being able to see emojis would be one of them. But I have no issues which would elicit the need for your request. What device do you use?


While I think I understand the issues you’re experiencing, wouldn’t the lag render the icons pointless if they also stop counting while you’re “stuck” in a lag during an attack and suddenly disappear when you are able to move again?

I already feel that the screen is cluttered with icons and I don’t want to learn to avoid yet another corner of the screen in the middle of enemy’s fire (from towers) and lose momentum because I tapped somewhere for nothing. I have accidentally tapped passive spells or random device notifications more than a few times.

They could make the cooldown of spells a bit more different from active spells and make the regular timers more visible eventually, but it doesn’t really solve your issue…

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