Android stuck at 99% but bar only 1/2 the way to loaded

That is… odd.
Have you tried reinstalling? :t_rex:

Yes, it doesnt help

Send in a ticket and post the number here so perhaps @Arelyna can take a look at it. :t_rex:

Cant, i need to get past the problem to submit a ticket

File a ticket there :slight_smile:

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If i try to make 1 while logged out, it requires a support id, which i dont have acsess to outside of the game. I know what password i used, but it doesnt work and if i change password, it does not accept it when i try to log in using new password

Oh, I’m sorry :frowning: I only needed the support ID the first time I tried. I didn’t realize you hadn’t logged in that way before :pensive:

You could send an email.

You would just need to your account name (in-game name). Without entering your support ID, you will be asked account verification questions just to make sure you are the true owner of the account.