Android tablet suggestions?

Giving up playing on lg g pad 3 as it crashes too often whenever i open up the event page. -then it only has 1.5gb of ram, so i kinda get it.

So I decided to get a new android tablet.

Any suggestions?

Less laggier the better, of course.

Idc about the price if the device gets less lag than the most android devices, but then we all know even some of the high-end models arent compatible with the game, according to the google play store.

And some of them are able to run the game, but with a SHITTY performance.

I searched the forum a bit, found that galaxy tab s2 worked well.

Is it still the case? I mean… Does it still work well? We’ve had some updates since those were posted.

-and is it the sm-t713 one or sm-t815? If anyone still plays on it?

Probably need someone to confirm it (at PG side will be better.)

I guess many mid-end should be more than enough to play WD (around $300-$500 --fixed–)

That said, #off-topic please…
@TheRedDelilah (probably the most loved mods :grin: )

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$30-$50 is a mid-end?

I think theres a missing 0…


And how do i move this to off-topic, if thats really neccessary?

:sweat_smile: Ah, yes… Sorry

I have a galaxy s7 that still runs well enough.

Though it started crashing sometimes on opening up the event page since one patch before spring season.

Still playable, but id rather have a bigger screen.

Bigass fingertips… :sob:

I’ve tried playing the game on an s2 tablet it wasnt great. It crashed quite a bit and i wasnt willing to spend a fortune on a more high end android tablet. Honestly since cross platform works you can spend the same amount on an iPad that’ll run the game better. I have an iPad air that runs the game well.

So yeah if you weren’t aware that an android account can be used on iOS now it can. That would be my suggestion.


I wasnt aware of that. Since when did they let that allowed?

Cross platform wasnt allowed for a long long period of time as far as i know. O.o

Not sure exactly when it started working but it has been months.

I had two accounts, main on iPad Air 2 and mini on a top Android phone.
I gave up playing on the phone because it’s a completely different game. Feels like a bad console emulator on a PC.
Unfortunately, if given the option, this is practically an iOS only game.

Okay, then! My new device will be just another ipad pro xD -runs 4 accounts

Months!? Srsly? And i never knew about this? Q.Q

Meh, my s7 works fine. Crashes only once awhile only on a few occasions of opening up the event page. Not always, just sometimes.

But then i already own multiple ipads, so im just gonna go get another ipad pro or two. XD

Lagless game, here i come! :grin:


Sadly PG didn’t make a big announcement so a lot of players still don’t know. Enjoy the game running more smoothly on iOS :+1:t3:

I use a Samsung S2 tablet although now the S3 is out, 10 inch screen plenty of memory and is as fluid in response as any ipad.

Best tablet I have ever owned. I have owned too many.

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hmmm… so it is either another ipad pro 12.9" or two ipad 6th gen or two galaxy pad s2.

what do yall suggest?

has anyone tried wd on the new ipad 6th gen?

if so, any troubling performance?

CANNOT go wrong with this one.

spec-wise, true. optimization-wise, it can go very wrong.

i believe that is the exact reason the actual performance of the device while playing wd was asked.

I own one, I am on it now. I play wardragons exclusively on it. Easy optimization, one button. Gb’s of memory available, fluid response. I vacant imagine much better.

Mybay add a gtx1080 one day, :grin:

If you can afford it, iPad is better. Generally, game seems to run better on Apple Devices. Which is kind of understandable - there is only “one” version of software for Apple and tons of it for Android. Its harder for devs to test all Android devices on the market…

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