Android update gone wrong

Ever since I did the update this morning, I’ve been getting knocked out of the game non-stop, now I can’t even get in. Not really sure if it’s the update, or something going on with the game. Just checking.

My Samsung Tab 3S got an OS update which I applied and rebooted. Now War Dragons only loads after 3 - 5 attempts, usually crashes going to Atlas or back, and a host of new problems. Yes, I have already uninstalled WD and added it back, deleted mails and all of the other placebo troubleshooting procedures you’d get from Zendesk. Something in the Samgsung patch made WD much worse.

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I’ve done same thing. I was able to play for a little while. Now it’s doing the sane thing all over again.

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Problem is having an Android phone. Only way to fix the issue is to throw Android phone away and buy an Apple phone. Problem fixed.

Lol. Yea, problem is I still owe a lot of money on this phone. Lol.

Iphones are outdated and steal technology from android phones. Only reason this game runs better on them is because it was designed specifically for apple products and android was an after thought to bleed more money from possible customers.

Sounds like something someone with an Android phone would say :eyes:

My Note 9 after the update seems to work just fine.

You are wise beyond your years… why didnt we all think of that… :roll_eyes::joy:

No issues here with a note 8 either. Have more issues with my iPhone running my alt than I do my main. I have used operating systems and the apple operating system runs slower than molasses in a cold Alaskan winter compared to my android.

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Mmmm… molasses… :relieved:

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