Anglerfish vs Whale + new idea

This is the lowest priority of low priority ideas but I just wanted to throw it out there.
So, since some of us prefer the new anglerfish and others prefer the whale, can’t there be an option to toggle them and change what pops out of the water? Could even include the skeleton whale from Halloween and that orca-looking one. Also… which one do ya’ll like more :slight_smile:

  • Anglerfish
  • Whale

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I’d rather the fish do something like eat the dragon or something.


Haha yeah me too! Whalegnawer could jump out of the water and chase it or somethin’


Yes!! There should be a whale that jumps out of the water that is then eaten by Whalegnawer! You get it? Whalegnawer will gnaw on the whale!


I guess whale since I don’t have the fish


Is that why nothing jumped when I tapped the screen? Now that my Whalegnawer is breedable…

Make it one of the dragons!
That would be cool!

No, if nothing jumps tap some more

It only works in the darkest water of your base (so not in that river between the islands) and you’ve gotta tap at least three or so times. :t_rex:

I’ve tried it all, no fishy for me

same for me, no Anglerfish.

Dont give pg something else to mess up

I wish I could see the bloody angler fish. Got sick and tired of bombarding the water and just seeing the splashes. It seems to be more evasive than Moby Dick.

I dont have either currently so I guess the winter orca

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Let’s just have an entirely new marine animal when the map next changes. I am holding out for a shark myself. :smirk:

A Goldfish or a Guppy would be hilarious though…

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I want Chunk splashing around.


The fish should change based on how much money you spend and what level you are. Have like a tiered effect. So the biggest spenders get the whale, E2P get a guppy, and F2P players get a pop up message telling them to buy a value pack or elite bonus.

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No… :sob:

I think this is both hilarious, and I absolutely hate the idea.