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I believe that similar idea has been posted deep in the archive.

Let Leaders and Officers be allowed to put a team announcement

  • The banner last for 24h since announced OR dismissed by the player.
  • The banner is Limited to one or two lines. Or if it can contain more than 2 lines, only the first 2 lines are shown in the banner, and the banner can be clicked to show the whole announcement.
  • Only the latest banner is shown at the top.
  • Let it has one X button to dismiss the banner.
  • (optional) Send a notification to the officers if the banner is dismissed before it expires.

I like this.

Where do you propose the banner display?

  • Team Chat?
  • Home/Base screen?

Top of “main screen” (both regular and Atlas)


I’m all for this. Reminders about PvP tactics, or war times, changes in Atlas alliances or warnings that changes are going to be made…you name it.

Useful for all players, and a huge reduction in headaches for leaders/officers, since they can simply pin a banner instead of repeating the same thing again and again.

@OrcaFrost War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives

I’m glad this has its own thread again! I have also proposed this idea (but in TC specifically) and think it could be relatively easy and a nice QoL.


Damn. No more uniformed players? What would officers have to talk about?

Jokes, or fun stuff…

Obviously, the players who, somehow, despite the GIANT FREAKING BANNER, somehow managed to miss the point.

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