[Announcement] Flying Primarchs & Alliances

A while back we discussed tweaking travel to make Atlas more fun. I wanted to provide an update to let you all know that Flying Primarchs will be coming in v4.15 (very shortly after v4.10 which we’re wrapping up!). Perhaps equally exciting, @pgEcho has arranged for Alliances to debut at the same time! I know players have been clamoring for this for some time, so I’m excited to see what you all do with it.

Disclaimer: Plans are always subject to change based on feedback, etc.


Teams will be able to form alliances of up to 5-10 teams for starters. It would be hard to reduce this later (forcing large alliances to split up), so we want to be a bit conservative here. That said, please weigh in below with what cap size you’d advocate for and why.

  • Allies can move through one another’s territory as if it was there own.
  • Free passage will be designated on a team level. No more hassle of managing it on a per-fort basis.
  • Allies share a color on the map.
  • Members cannot attack one another.
  • The team which creates the alliance is the Alliance Leader (much like the player who forms a team is the team leader).
  • Each team can be in no more than one alliance.
  • Each alliance member will have an additional group chat for their alliance.

Flying Primarchs aka Travel Updates


  • Facilitate Fighting - travel should not excessively hamper engaging in combat
  • Friendlier (especially for new Atlas players) - travel should be easy (avoid accidentally getting trapped in enemy territory)
  • Retain map-based travel / navigation - an interesting class of strategies emerge from navigating the map

Tweaked Travel Mechanics

  • Primarchs may fly directly to any destination which is connected to its current location by an unbroken series of friendly hops.
  • Keep team portals (for now) but remove the random event portals
  • Speedup travel (max 10min from corner-to-corner)
  • Canceling or changing your movement is no longer permitted. An optional new confirmation step will be available (e.g., Are you sure you want to move your Fighter to X? This trip will take 10min.).

Bonus Details

  • Once you takeoff you will get to your destination at the promised time even if map conditions change during your short flight).

Can we keep the manual safe passage option? If a D1 team wants to get at another D1 team, and we’re in the way, I’d like the option to let them pass.


Good question. Not for Alliances at launch. Though you could still move all of your troops out of the way, though obviously that is more work. We should consider this for the future though.

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Is there really no way to let people go when they wander into our territory now? Or if they’re trying to pass through? How are we supposed to get to enemy territory to fight if they are not next to neutral/nml?


Keep the manual safe passage please

Every alliance will want to maintain a connection to a neutral territory in order to project power to far away places.

I am not sure you understand what I’m saying. If the land I want to attack is not next to neutral/nml I cannot fly to an adjacent region. I must instead find and fly to nearby neutral/nml and pass through other people’s land and they probably have blockades up. Now let’s say those other people don’t care what happens to my enemy and want to let me pass through. Under the new system they are unable to free me from their blockade without adding my team to their alliance, correct?


You’d have to rethink the passage. @Atops have a very valid point.

I think keeping manual free passage would make sense as well. I see a lot of “wrong place, wrong time” deaths coming out of this :sweat_smile:


Free passage isn’t broken. Please don’t fix it by taking it away.


Yes option for free passage is important or we’ll get a lot of meat shield issues…

Will there be an Alliance Ranking system?
It would be nice to form an alliance with teams we work well with, rather than partnering with teams we dispise in order to form a competative #1 Alliance.

@Shimo Currently all teams that own territory have at least one territory adjacent to a neutral territory. But of course this could change. I’m okay with adding limited free passage, but perhaps on a very limited basis (e.g., my alliance can grant free passage to one other alliance for a temporary period?).

I think anything is better than completely removing it.

Perhaps. Alliances are designed to be friends. If someone is in your way, killing them is acceptable :smiley:

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Ok but not all lands are equal? Like say I want this level 4 land. That team may have other land next to neutral but I want this one cause it’s high level and has the element of shards I want. The land is surrounded by other teams which are not allied with either me or my enemy. This proposal means I will need to kill off some of these other teams if they don’t add me to their alliance or move all of their troops out of the way fast enough. Because high level land is often surrounded by lower level land this often means powerful teams surrounded by weaker teams. If I’m gunning for lv4 land I am probably in a fairly powerful team or alliance and those unfortunate teams next to my enemy are probably just gonna get trampled in a battle they don’t want to fight. Weren’t we wanting to cut down on steamrolling of lower ranking teams? Seems to me there’s gonna be an increase in that because now they can’t just let bigger teams through and will get burned cause they just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I’m all for beating up people who get in the way but with this people don’t have a means to get out of the way. Moving troops is not an option. You just can’t move people on short notice like that


Yes, good points. I’m interested to see whether alliances form clusters or spread out … I imagine we’ll see both. But in any case, there are definitely cases where it’d be nice for an innocent bystander to be able to grant passage.


Temporary passage seems fine to me. Doesn’t need to give vision or fort bonuses or whatever. Just so we can un-stick people. Having nothing between ally and enemy would be a bit extreme. What were you thinking for the duration?

I do generally see clusters of allies but because of portals a single alliance may have little pockets all over the place. Glad you’re keeping those btw

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The cats on catnip will need to get lost less frequently. :smiling_imp: