[Announcement] Flying Primarchs & Alliances


I for one am very excited about formalized alliances. I believe they will improve the atlas experience for everyone far more than anyone realizes.

And keeping alliance portals I know will make a lot of people happy


The alliance thing sounds kinda good!! But alot of this just sounds like another nightmare!! Everyones getting the hang of atlas n finally got it figured out n then youre going to change it up and alot of it sounds like changes that will make it worse. Not better…


Can you elaborate? They sound like good changes to me. What do you see getting worse?


As an officer, I’m loving Flying Primarchs. No longer will I have to give teammates point to point instructions because they can’t figure out how to navigate the safe zone highway :joy:


I don’t like the free passage issue at all. If you own land, regardless of the alliance, you should be able to grant passage to someone. Taking that out is huge and degrades ownership value of your own land unless you’re the alliance leader. Bullshit.


Think these are sensible changes that should hopefully reduce a lot of confusion around travel. Also glad to see the end of friendly fire incidents, plus easier coordination for allies.

One thought: we had discussed a toll system in the past, is this something worth considering adding to the road map? So instead of release or kill, you could also levy a toll for passage?


Perhaps we could have team rankings but alliance controls to kind of ease into it? @PGDave

Kind of suss things about before attaching too much rankings/rewards to it?


Perhaps. Alliances are designed to be friends. If someone is in your way, killing them is acceptable :smiley:

From my admittedly limited experience, wouldn’t this run exactly counter to the desire to not have massive teams steamrolling over small ones?

“Sorry, little guys, you are in my way, so we have to crush you as we march through”…

This would also seem to reinforce the mechanic of big teams/alliances not owning land, but leaving large troop garrisons and killing off anyone who dares to try and claim them, just to keep an open passage for their alliance.
Edit, sorry, as I read the thread further @Shimo actually already made this point; I jumped in too quick after I read the above quote :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Just to make sure I understand. You are advocating that alliances cannot attack eachother? I think this is a bad idea. I know the main focus of the game is to attack enemies and gain glorry but what if another player and I decide to swap glory? I think this should not be part of the change. We should all be able to attack whoever we want.

Question, what if someone wants out of an alliance? What would be the process?

Another thing I don’t agree with. I believe we should be able to maneuver around atlas. If I’m on my way to a NML poacher but decide to go to the mine because someone is now sitting on the poacher I wouldn’t be able to switch. I get it we should be attacking each other but at the same time we should be able to pull out whatever dangers we see coming if we don’t want to.


That alliance number is really really low. There shouldn’t be a limit on how many teams can be in the alliance.


The movement will be so fast, you will be able to simply arrive at the poacher and then move to the mine, faster than you currently can switch paths to get there.


What parts sound like a nightmare? I would be happy to discuss specifics. I am very familiar with the coming changes.


As far as I know switching path is pretty quick. Just to confirm we WILL be able to fly over shields just not land, right? I’m tired of using timers to respawn in a different region only after changing my home to spawn there and then having to find my team’s home to make it my home again :unamused:


sorry that’s incorrect. our team does not have access to safe zone, and it is relying on nighbouring team to grant us passage to the safe zone, but they are not our alliance, just simply a no hit treaty. Take away manual passage is not wise, and temporary does not work either as we constantly need access to the safe zone.


These changes are not well thought through and should not be implemented at this point.

I like the idea of alliances and flying primarchs, we’ve all wanted that since the beginning. But there are considerably issues with the announcement:

  1. Some teams are in multiple alliances with 40-50 teams (probably some overlap). They also have individual agreements, mostly with neighbors, allowing free passage so they can access the safe zone. The proposed alliances feature would totally destroy all of that as well as create a political nightmare for many teams.

  2. Any action that takes more than a few seconds should have the ability to be cancelled.

  3. How does connectivity affect flight? That makes no sense. Example: You can fly over mountain ranges that have no passes… there is no connection other than flight. The flight IS the connection.

  4. Many people would want to do GP swaps with their allies. Perhaps this could be allowed in the red zones?

  5. with flight, if your team has land, what’s the purpose of a red zone? Why would you go there?

  6. with flight, if your team has land, why would you go to a safe zone?


what if the team does not want other teams to know which alliance they are in? for strategic reasons.

what if a team is not in any alliance? wouldn’t that make them stand out as the single target for other teams?


That is true point. Isn’t the point to lessen some of the politic? If this is black and white for people to see who is in what alliance people who are in no alliance or a weak alliance will get targeted.


If there is a path that doesn’t go through a blockade then it will look like you are flying right over blockades because the visual path will be “as the crow flies”.

However, it will ONLY work if there is a path that is unhindered by enemy blockades. (Something you could manually plot in todays system).

So yes, you will appear to fly over cities and mountains, but you will not actually be bypassing them.


So I will still have to do my same routine to get to safe zone if I don’t have an alliance with the people I need to pass to get there? My next question if this is true, how could I get from one side of the world to the next? Especially if alliances are being broken into 5-10 teams?


The politics will change… image Atlas has gained the internet or something and now alliances aren’t secret (like in the real world).

But if you really really want it secret… do it undervthe table, stay “un-allied” until things need to be done, then group up, hit someone fast and hard, and then disband… like a secret society.