[Announcement] Flying Primarchs & Alliances


Well, assuming you have access to a safezone, then flight to across the map will be fast…

In practice you will pan around on the map looking for where you want to go, tap a target city, and select Move. If a path is available it will give a confirmation window, if confirmed, flight will begin. Flight will be 10 minutes or less (longest on map, corner to corner, will be 10 minutes currently). If no path is available without crossing a blockade it will tell you that flight is impossible.


Which is no different from now. I’m sorry I don’t mean to hold you hostage :joy: I just don’t understand how the flying Primarch, removing manual free passage and alliance max is suppose to help. i thought the proposal for flying primarchs concluded at you can fly over blockades but if you land at 1 you will be trapped. That sounds like a better solution to opening the map. I get the alliance max. Right now atlas is dead because alliances and no hit list are huge. If we are still stuck in the same situation with blockades why would you remove manual free passage.




The flying doesn’t add new abilities to get to new places, at this time.

It does:
Speed travel a LOT
Save manual mapping using the move next>move next>move next…
Help with accidentally getting stuck, to a degree

It also helps with server lag which should be nice for everyone :+1:t2:


@Doc you’re answering as if you know exactly what was discussed.

May I ask why you seem to have more information.


atlas is already political as is, and the stay secret thing wont work, once people realize you are not in any alliance ( or pretend that you are not) , they either, 1, come to recruit you into their alliance, 2, if you refuse, come wipe your infrastructures out, and give the land to their weaker alliance members. This will just create a nightmare for new teams or teams want to be independent…if you say “oh they can just join an alliance”…but why would you want to force people to join an alliance when they do not want to? I can see this whole thing turning into a complete global bullying nightmare.

Also not to mention that while being allies in Atlas, also could translate into alliance in the main game…teams are in an alliance will team up and beat the crap out of the non alliance team in main game events ( Pit, Tug of War etc…), granted they will need to be in the same league, but that does happen quite frequently in Sap one and two …so making the alliance public is much more than “oh just showing who belongs to where”


so are you saying the flying primarch can go anywhere? Meaning it could drop into a castle buried deep in people’s land and just take it over?


since things are subject to change i think more discussion needs to take place before this is implemented. @pgdave do you have any answers to the concerns and ideas raised?

  1. Not being able to attack people in our alliance
  2. What is the process of getting out of this said alliance?
  3. Having it publically announced you are in an alliance and the danger it can pose to a weak team/alliance
  4. Manual free passage no longer possible

Since we are not able to get past blockades still, how are the event portals going to disappear? I am surrounded by teams, some friendly some not and in the middle is a small no man land. No way to get to safe zone to venture off with troops. I don’t understand how the flying primarch is suppose to help someone in my situation? :woman_shrugging:

edit: sorry missed the idea part:
1.allow hitting anyone in alliance in red-zone
2. more of a question. No information has been given
3. Allow it so only people in you alliance know you are in an alliance with them.
4. Keep manual passage


No its enemy territory so cant land there.

Basically its exactly same as current travel, instead of using move next, it will just directly fly there. But the rules of where you can go is essentially the same as now


I am in the group that Dave assembled to work on these changes, and as such he asked the members if that group to help answer the questions on the forums :blush:.


I wasn’t saying it was how I would proceed :wink:.

But already, people figure out the alliances, as you described, lol. They aren’t all that secret from the teams that pay attention.


RBU (10char)


Some level of passage granting is being reconsidered, but I don’t have more info yet… Dave is on west coast time and works later shifts :grimacing:, but it has been reopened for consideration at least.


This update sounds good all around, i do agree with the early comments that a temporary pass should be allowed. Also my vote for the max teams in an alliance, id say 5.


The issue with alliance teams crossing tiers and sometimes being together and sometimes not being together in core came brackets has already been experienced and caused issues in some cases.

However, as it becomes more mainstream I don’t think people will freak out about it quite so much. It may be just as frustrating some weeks, or just as exciting other weeks, but they should not freak out and resort to name calling and racial slurs in league chat like I have seem :sweat:.


figuring out and right out in your face are two different things. just like fact and speculation :innocent: which speculation works better in a strategic game :smirk:


You almost described the new mechanic exactly.

It IS flying to any safezone (as long as you have at least 1 access point to 1 safezone city) and flying to any NML that connects to a safezone (but not those behind enemy blockades). Also any alliance city, with a direct connection to your cities or to a safezone, can be flown to directly. Lastly, any city with no blockade, connected to the safezone by cities with no blockades, can be flown to directly.

Once you land, you can move to an adjacent city, by way of roads, even if it has a blockade, to make your attacks.


PGDave is the one PG employee i have faith in. throughout beta testing he did a great job listening to feed back and quickly acting on it. give him time guys. I am sure he will add back in the passage thing unless there is a good reason not too.

go DAVE!


@PGDave How about this: Limit primary alliance to 10 teams. Then allow secondary alliances of up to say 5 alliances. These secondary alliances will allow safe passage through alliance lands only. Players from the primary alliances will still be able to attack the secondary alliance (if they want to). This could solve some of the safe passage problems.


that is the way it should be. Nothing in Dave’s description confirms that though.